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Hello All, New to Net Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yammyxt600, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone, just want to introduce myself, My name is Don, was introduced to this site by sleddog (Brett) a few weeks ago and after reading many posts have finally joined up (excellent site by the way), been riding for a few years now, currently have a Yamaha XT600 Road/Trail 2003 Model. Pretty much only use the bike lately for my short 8km communte to work approx 2-3 times per week, i drive the car when its raining or have to go visit clients during the day. I occasionally get out onto a fire trail but very rarely, i still consider myself a new rider as i dont clock up many kms. I am into bicycling (road and mountain) so this takes up my spare time on the weekend but i am hoping to get out on a few Netrider rides as long as you dont mind a Road/trail bike slowing you down at the rear (can go freeway speeds with no problem though).
    So anyway, hello and hope to meet you all on a ride soon.

  2. Welcome Don!
  3. Yiasoo Don.

    Just before anyone else gets in before me,

    Is Don, Is good?
  4. Welcome to you Don :grin:
  5. Hey Don ,it's about time you joined up :grin:

    There a good bunch for guys and girls here .
    Im working this weekend ,but will be out next weekend for a ride if your up for it.
    Were meeting up this week wednesday night at homebush for a chat and dinner ,if you like to come along.

    See you soon mate.
  6. G'day Don

    A mate of Sled's huh?

    Not sure thats a recommendation.

    We'll just keep quiet about that bit I think mate.
    An XT 600...at last, someone with a really useful motorcycle.
    Hope to see you at our twice monthly Gatherings at the Homebush Bay Brewery.
    First Tues and third Weds of each month..
    Cheers: Jaq.
  7. Welcome on board don.
  8. Welcome to Netrider, Don.

    The mighty XT600, eh?? I remember when this model first came out, way back when. There were many cracked shins as people used to the electric foot sampled the wonders of starting a big single, as I recall :LOL:

    You'd be more than welcome on the rides, Don; I'm sure you'd have no difficulty at all....
  9. Go on a ride Don, they people here are friendly enough. Welcome also :)
  10. thanks for the warm welcome guys, will definately be out for a ride with you all soon

    Sled - no good this weekend, have a Mountain bike event on, will check out the weekend after
  11. Hey everyone!!

    another newbie :D

    Im a 19 yr old full time uni student from sydney.
    my bf told me about this forum. he joined not long ago. and scored a bike about a week ago for $350 and in relatively good condition.

    My dad was into biking in Europe.. but aus didnt accept his euro bike licence. (this was over 22yrs ago)

    dad and i have been talking about getting a bike for over 2yrs now. Its fun, economical and different experience altogether. Im hoping to possibly to that course for bikes.. b4 u get the L's soon.

    but first i need to get my p's for the car
    (shame.. im still on myL's :p)

    Renata :)
  12. $350 bike? nice one !
  13. Hi Renata

    Welcome to NR.

    Yes get an L plate and join the madness, errr I mean fun of riding.

    Drag the boyfriend and Dad along to Homebush Bay Brewery this Weds 21/6/06.
    Our twice monthly Gathering.
    That's like two nights away at 7pm.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  14. thank you for the invite.
    but unfortunately i wont b able to attend as i have a f***ing exam the next day GRRRR :(

  15. Hi and welcome .
    Hope to see you guys out on a ride soon.
  16. Welcome to the Forum

    mmmm XT600, a real road trail :cool:
  17. Welcome Renata :grin:

    Damn... $350 for a whole bike :eek: that's cheaper than my tyres :(
  18. Welcome

  19. its a kawasaki 87 model i think from recollection..

    gpx 250. and it has 35000km
    go figure.. unless it has been clocked back. but either way.

    $350 bargain!!!! (no rego)
    a postie bike costs more doesnt it??

    he is very happy with it.

    Renata :)
  20. Almost anything with wheels and an engine would cost more than that :LOL:

    You got an absolute steal... hopefully it's ok mechanically and you don't have to spend too much $$$ getting it roadworthy and registered??

    If you have any problems with it I'm sure the guys n gals from here can sort you out or point you in the right direction...