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Hello All! New Melbournian Member Here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Raczy, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents,

    My Names Timi, Im 22 and live in Berwick, VIC.
    Ive been riding bikes since I can remember, and in the past few years
    I have fallen in love with road riding and track days.

    I started out by converting my dirt bike (CRF450X) into a little motard weapon
    and I do love motard but I was in serch for more power and speed.

    So recently, I have accuired a very gorgeous CBR600RR.
    It is immaculate and I am so pleased with it, and I am already looking for
    a slip on pipe, fender eliminator etc :p

    cheers Tim
  2. Welcome to the forums. (y)
  3. welcome to the mad house :)
  4. welcome Timi :)
  5. Welcome to the Nuthouse :p
  6. Welcome, I have just joined myself and it is a very friendly place.

  7. Where are the pics!!!
  8. Welcome ! A lot of Melbournians around these parts.

    And nice bike, post up some pics when you can !
  9. Hi Timi and welcome to NR
  10. I don't know what happened to my original post?

    Anyway, here is two of my toy's.



    And why not this what I do when Melbourne decides to piss us off.

    Cheers Tim
  11. haha i enjoyed teh pictures mate
  12. Welcome, that road bike looks very shiny and nice.
  13. Welcome. You have some very nice rides and perfect for escaping the rat race. I can tell that it's in your blood, bikes I mean.
  14. Welcome Timi,

    The forum will knock pictures off if you have not had a enough posts. Once you get up above 5 posts you should be Ok. One of the other Mods manually approved your Pic posts.