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Hello all, new bike owner here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Topkat, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Hi guys & gals,

    I have been learning heap in here over the past few months before i purchased my first ride a hyosung GV250, I know some dont like them but this is my ride please respect that (I love it).

    Forums are great so i will continue to enjoy more now as I have a bike to ride see below;

    I know nothing about bike except i had to have one after a friend took me out new years day this year, "What a day- I had never felt so alive & free..."

    I look forward to catching up with some of you here in Melbourne once i get some riding experiance "save embarresing myself"

    anyway thanks for all your advice!!
  2. Welcome to Netrider. There are a few Korea-phobes here, but in general we respect each other's choices and enjoy the overall experience of riding.
  3. Some?


    OK, I respect it... puke.

    * Just joking TK. Nevermind me * :grin:

    I'm with Reverand Hornet. Not a bad looking bike. Main thing is its reliable.

    Plenty of Mexincans here as UNO. Hope to ride * with you one day. thumbsup.

    Have fun.


    <edit> Just realised I left the 'with' out. :roll: :LOL:
  4. welcome topkat
    and dont mind MG he is a bit of a clown but harmless.....
    but dont upset him .... he got big guns hahaha :LOL: :LOL:

    sweet bike i had a hyosung gt 250 for my first bike and it was fun to ride

    hope to see u on the road soon
  5. Hello TK

    Looks like we lurk around the same motorcycle websites :p
  6. Welcome aboard mate.. Stay tuned for the Krewz rides.. :cool:
  7. welcome aboard to the south side.
  8. Thanks guys and yes chris we have to get out hey!!

    MG- your OK!
  9. Phew! Thats a relief! :grin:

    C you on the road one day TK.


  10. Hi TK! Welcome! Glad to see another cruiser rider! people here are really friendly. Advice galore! Hope to ride with you someday.
  11. M50- be glad to just we'll keep claer of hair pin turns :shock:

    I need more experiance first...lol

    Nice ride you have there to!!
  12. topkat i like ur choice,

    i have ridden that model of bike as well as the roadbike version hyosung offers, i think it even has the same moter.

    being a tall bloke i felt the ride was much easier on the model like urs as the seating positions less demanding on your arms and shoulders esp when riding 50kms from albany to denmark.

    nice work hope to have one myself in the near future :cool:

  13. Ride what you like as long as you ride

    Good onya bud enjoy as much as i do ....... :grin:
  14. The desire lays dormant in many of us before we finally take the plunge and get our first. Congratulations on your new stage in life. It just gets better and better. :woot:
  15. One thing I know and that is its all in ones ability to breathe!

    I now know how to since I got my propper bike- was on a scoota before!
  16. G'day Mate and Welcome!
    As a fellow Hyosung Owner I love my bike too...and don't worry, you only have to duck minimum abuse with this mob :blackeye:
    Its well worth it though.
    Cheers :grin:
  17. G day topkat and welcome aboard. Hope your stay is of a plesant one! :cool:
  18. Thank you all for your great welcoming.

    After lerking around this place I am getting a feel for it and it aint bad.

    Thanks again the info is great!
  19. Hi all, just a short bit I passed my P's today and lost the L plate :LOL:

    And funny enough it wasn't as hard a i thought it would be probly the same as a dentest filling :LOL:

    Cant wait for it to warm up :oops:
  20. Hey Good one TK.

    How are the cornering lines going?

    Hope to see you on some rides once the weather warms up a bit.