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hello all, looking for some advice..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by yassen, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. hey guys my name is tony, just got my Ls and really keen on getting my first bike. i was just wondering what good cruisers there are available for Ls drivers. What do you all think of the virago? what are some common problems with viragos? any other bikes i can consider?

    just looking for something reliable and not too expensive, looking to spend around 3.5k max. however, is it just me or are the viragos on bikesales terribly overpriced compared to what they went for a few years back (saw a few posts on here from people buying viragos back in 07 for alot cheaper based on year/kms)

    another question is, i've already gone through the how to evaluate a 2nd hand bike article and will re read it a couple of times to commit it to memory, however, i still don't feel confident enough to evaluate a bike by myself as i lack a lot of the experience.. when i bought my car i brought it to a mechanic who checked it out thoroughly, does anyone do that for bikes? i know it's probably a lot to ask for but would someone in the Sydney area mind coming with me to check out some bikes? really don't want a lemon =/

    thanks in advance.
  2. If it's a cruiser you want then a Virago will be a great learner bike, don't expect
    to want to keep it after restrictions though, you will get used to the power very quickly.
    The price is a bit high but they sell, supply & demand problem.

    Can't help with an inspection, you live in the wrong state...or I do.
  3. I did 10,000 klms on a Virago 250cc last year before upgrading to a Virago 1100 in July, since then Ive done 8,000 klms. The 250cc is a lovely bike but the feet position I found a bit strange compared to the 1100 version. (feet way forward, didnt really feel comfortable). The seat itself is fairly flat and not overly soft for long distance riding, but the bike itself never put a moment wrong, she just went and went regardless of when and where we were. I kept up with hubby on his Triumph Trophy pretty easily except for hills, even then, it wasnt bad. I got it up to 120 klms at times and hubby got her up to 130. The weight is excellent for a beginner and the seat height low enough for short people (Im 5 foot 1). I would suggest you ride the 250 until you can get your Open licence then go to a bigger Virago, as I said, the 1100 is excellent - feet position much better and seat like an armchair. If you want any more advice on them, dont hesitate to pm me. They also come out in a 750cc but the 250 is the only one they are still selling new.
  4. +1 on supply and demand, 250s keep their price far higher than they should because of people like you :p :LOL:

    One of our lady Netriders rode a 250 Virago from Melbourne to Brisbane and back in a couple of weeks a couple of years back :shock:.

    I'd be happy to help with inspection if none of the actual Sydney riders can (I live in Wollongong).
  5. i love my baby virago and hope she grows up soon (got to get one of those full time job things). Its a great learner. It is tolerant of small mistakes (and occasionally big ones). According to my brother who I ride with a fair lot "if i hadn't known you were on a virago I would have thought you were on a sports bike through the twisties" - don't let people tell you what it can and can't do in the twisties - I've scraped my peddles at decent speeds around mt glorious. good learner bike - I AM ready to move to something bigger but great thing is that atm viragos are holding their value - good reason to buy as won't lose too much when upgrading
  6. Ivys post reminded me of something I should have mentioned. If you get a Virago 250, make sure you have stock standard pipes. Mine had aftermarket pipes which looked fantastic but when it came to riding, they scraped badly on any respectable right hand bend, which resulted in my learning of bad habits during cornering just trying to stop it from scraping.
  7. I got a 250 virago. Excellent bike, very well made and easy to learn on. Did my P's on it with no problems at all. Good for short and small riders like me, but if you are a big fella it may feel too low for you.