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hello all... just signed up!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abdraheim, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. hiya folks

    i guess im what you call a wannabe biker(29/m/melbourne). fell in love with the idea when my younger bro bought his first bike. but its always been in the back on my mind. prob is i dont have a clue about whats a good learner bike? riding and (easy)maintance wise? . whats a reasonable price?

    the other prob is and i bet many of you have faced this problem is the "ARE YOU CRAZY!" responce when ever i tell my wife or family. of course i have my own worries (especially when when they point out how seemingly unprotected riders are)but how would i ease theirs (and mine) into not worry so much?

    thanks a million guys already downloaded heaps of articles to read after Uni and look forward to learning heaps from yas. :]
  2. Hi abdraheim , welcome to the Fawlty Towers of riding :D .
  3. hi and welocme to the boards

    as for riding, yep you got it in one, it's dangerous and there is very few things you can do to change that. Guess it all depends whether you consider the risks to be worthwhile/acceptable
  4. Welcome abdraheim
    Check back over the threads similar to yours; most of the answers you want have already been given there, and stick.
    Hang around and contribute, everyone's opinion is welcomed and respected (except for groberts03's, he's a grumpy old sod, avoid him!!)
    (just kidding, Glen.....!)
  5. G'day abdraheim and welcome! :)
  6. G'day!
    Do you already have a car licence? Apparently already being a car driver makes you a much safer rider when you start to ride. If you already know what other car driver are doing you can read the traffic more effectivly.

  7. Welcome, mate. Don't worry that no-one understands why you suddenly want to ride a bike. You probably don't fully understand it yourself, but they'll come around.

    Stick around and enjoy the fun, some of us are almost sane.
  8. Thanks for the replies

    yep i did a few searches (which i obviously should have before postin but ahh well)

    yes i do have a car licence but im still on my Ps (yes i know im 29) and its auto and the only acident ive had over the past two years was from an old idiot who side swiped me (only minor thank god)

    ya know since i really got interested in motorbikes ive started to notice them more. and also notice how some car drivers dont.

    i remember one incident of a push biker who almost got cleaned up by a car pulling out of a parkin space. the dude had some moves but no sooner had he compsed himself another parked car almost wiped him out with the car door. the guy had an angel. i swear i would have gotten off my bike and gone nuclear. but he shook his head and rode off. thankin the sweat lord no doubt.

    n e ways im off got classes soon.
  9. Part of the 'L' course covers where to position yourself on the road and how to ride, so that drivers have the most chance of seeing you.

    A lot of how much danger you are in is to do with your own choices.. you can choose to ride like a git and die young, or you can choose to ride like an old fart, then in 15 years or so of fairly incident free riding you can join the OFARC club.
  10. Welcome welcome@@ :wink:
  11. i only have 11 yrs to go...ack!
  12. Yo abdraheim, welcome to the forums :)
  13. welcome mate......you will hear those three words from the time you THINK about getting a ride until the day you stop.

    Your going on the freeway "ARE YOU CRAZY!"
    It's raining (slight drizzle) "ARE YOU CRAZY!"
    It's blowing a gail (1kph) "ARE YOU CRAZY!"
    It's still dark (6:30am) "ARE YOU CRAZY!"
    Your going how far (250km) "ARE YOU CRAZY!"

    and for those single guys.....

    You want me to sit where? "ARE YOU ******** CRAZY!"

    Just don't listen to em..
  14. Don't forget...

    Going to a rally "You are riding your road bike along 25kms of dirt road" - You are crazy!

    Going to a ride day "You are going to ride around a race track on your road bike" - You are crazy!

    Going to a street drags meet "You are going to drag race your road bike" - You are crazy!

    Going to phillip island and wanting to camp in a muddy campground instead of stay in a nice warm house " - You are crazy!
  15. welcome and enjoy your time in mayhem :LOL: