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Hello all from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by david.sydney, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. New(ish) rider here - got my Ls a while back but didn't get much chance to ride until recently - now spinning around on a 2013 FZ6R :)

    Went along to the training session at Olympic Park last weekend, admittedly probably not one of the biggest turnouts they have there, but got a lot of good tips and got my confidence up enough to book in for the Ps training/test.

    So yep - just a hello to all :)
  2. Welcome.

    If you feel like a decent ride, as in not through Sydney's traffic, let me know. I work 50% of the year and will regularly be doing Putty and Kangaroo Valley runs.
  3. Thanks Tweet, keen to take you up on that, though I'm limited to mostly weekend runs.
  4. Welcome aboard David.
  5. Where in Sydney are you from David?
  6. Welcome David
  7. Thanks all :)

    Tweet - I'm in Wentworth Point, right next to Olympic Park
  8. I'm in the East..

    I'm tied up for the next few weekends, but perhaps late Sept.
  9. No worries - flat out with work myself for a while anyway
  10. welcome bud, keep at it at the learner sessions as they also organise ride days :)
  11. Welcome David. I met you at the learner session last week :D Thanks for the blue lighter! hehehe
  12. Heyhey! No problem, and saw your post in the other thread - congrats!
  13. Thanks mate!! Was worried about the weather but it all worked out :D When did you book your test for?
  14. Couple of weeks away - figured I'd get a little more practice in while I can then just get it over with. Hopefully the weather will have figured itself out by then as well.
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  15. Best of luck! You were doing very well last week.
  16. Thanks mate - it's mostly just nerves I think, but Damo's (? - sorry if you're out there, name escapes me at the moment) suggestions definitely helped a lot.
  17. Jose :D Or Joe if that makes it easier
  18. Cheers Jose :) Will catch you next Saturday again if you make your way out
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  19. If the weather is good, I will come ;)
  20. I really need to get to a training session like this. Unfortunately I am self taught and probably have some bad techniques.