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Hello All from Syd

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BlackNinja250, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Gday from Sydney! Just signed up and wanted to say hi. I ride a zzr250 and a zx2r. Both black, both nice and blinggy!

  2. Those zzr250's really wheelie don't they? :p
    Can't believe im gonna say this but......welcome to netrider....
  3. Welcome, 2 bikes, lucky.
  4. Kawasaki newbies are especially welcome on Netrider; it gives us more people to mock :LOL:.

    No, seriously, welcome, lots of Netriders in western Sydney. We had a get-together at East Bathurst (or that's what it felt like) last night :LOL:.
  5. welcome to the forum.....
  6. Wouldn't happen to know Cleverlie eh? :p

  7. [​IMG] BlackNinja250

    Go the KWAKAS, nice choice in bike you got there, both of em :wink:
  8. You've got both to play on? Not fair!
    Have fun and welcome :)
  9. Go the SF! its gonna look awesome!
  10. Welcome dude, look forward to seeing u on a ride.