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hello all - another newbie on the block

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rajmicky, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. hi all,

    This is my 1st post and wanted to say Hi! and introduce myself. I'm 30 yrs old from Melb and work in the CBD area. I have been browsing through this forum for quite a while now and I have to admit that I haven't seen a best forum on motor bike like this.
    You guys are great and very helpful and it feels like a whole community of the riders here which is always there for other riders whenever needed.

    I would still consider myself as a newbie even after riding bikes ranging from 100cc - 350cc but that was back in my home land :) and also that was couple of years back......around 7-8 yrs. I guess after such a long gap I couldn't help myself keeping my obsession with the bikes. So, last month one day I decided to buy a bike for myself and went to have the finance bit done first.

    It was a very hard decision initially but when I stumbled upon this forum I found answers to all my questions like......which first bike ?......naked or fairing.....license.....insurance...and most importantly the .....gears. I went for my learners with Rider Bros Motorcycle Training on Calder Fwy. The guys over there were very helpful and they even helped me out to have the Probationary license as I had a overseas motorcycle license.

    Reading through the post and as advised by fellow netriders I went up and got my gehars ready first and then start browsing through the various places for my first bike. Last week I picked up the Kawasaki 2002 ZZR 250, blue/silver,5900 kms for $5600 and I couldn't be more happier now on my decision.

    I just wanted so say thanks to all for your friendly advise regarding all the things that I was unfamiliar about before. I'm sure I will have more obvious questions posted in the forums and will have chance to interact more with you guys and may be meet some time :?:
    Sorry abt the long post :oops:

  2. Hi rajmicky,

    Welcome to the forums. I hope they prove to be as good to you as the seem. I know that they have for me :)

  3. Congrats on the new bike. Hope to see you along at some of the organised rides in the near future.
  4. Welcome buddy! ZZR250 is a great bike for a self-confessed newbie, and will keep on keeping-on long after you've finished with it!

    Come a'riding with us soon, eh? ;)
  5. welcome aboard rajmicky - stay safe and upright
  6. Welcome to Netrider. Congratulations on the bike. Bring it down to coffee some time and meet some if us in person :)
  7. Welcome mate and congrats on your purchase.

    :D :D
  8. Glad to have you, Great chioce on the bike :applause: , i had a '96 model, couldnt fault it (mind you if you find your catching the centerstand around corners... :facepalm: ... remove the darn thing ](*,) ) very capable bike, and look great too...
  9. Welcome rajmicky sorry to hear ya went for the zzr over the Honda Night Hawk but there's no accounting for taste! pmsl! It's a loony bin in here but they must be gr8 guys & gals cause I keep promoting this site all over the place! Where do you hail from originally as we have members from all over the world!
  10. Always glad to welcome another "Z" rider mate,
  11. Welcome to the world of Netrider
  12. Hey dude, welcome to the forums! ZZRs are great huh? :D
  13. Welcome to the forums, cya at coffee night :)
  14. Welcome, see you at coffee night or maybe on the ride this weekend May 1st.
  15. Welcome

    Hey rajmicky, welcome to the most active forum on the 'Net, and happy riding. Remember the golden rule, treat everyone else on the road as if they are out to get you BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!
  16. Welcome rajmicky, hope you have fun. Also, I hope you're able to hang onto the ZZR longer than I was mine !
  17. Hi Rajmickey, welcome! :)
  18. welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here and on your bike
  19. yah, sure but i dunno where this coffee night is held and what are the days and timing of it. Could your or anyone please let me know?

    BTW, thank you all for a warm welcome.