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Hello Again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by siegz88, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I joined up some time ago but have remained fairly quiet. I'm saying my hellos again :)

    I currently ride an 05 VTR 250 which I've had since 2009.

    My Open License is coming up in December and I purchased an 09 R6 last weekend, picking it up tomorrow and am understandably excited.

    Planning on doing a couple of modifications (indicators etc) whilst I wait for the big day (Dec 23rd for those playing at home) and look forward to my first ride on the new machine :)

    Keen on some rides with other Adelaidians as I'll have to learn to ride all over again going from an upright low power naked to an aggressive supersport with a big increase in power but looking forward to it.

  2. Welcome to Netrider fella,

    I guess I get to ask the standard newbie question.

    If you had 20 loaded cement trucks at your disposal, what would you do?
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  3. Bahahahah

    Empty the contents over all of Adelaides fixed speed cameras?
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  4. Welcome not so new noob. Congrats on the new bike, expect to see it fanging up Montecute Rd about xmas time.
  5. Gingerly pottering along up to Lobethal trying to resist the urge to go over 10k rpm and consequently crash into something/lose my license :p
  6. Welcome Siegz88, Nice to see some more of the Adelaide contingent joining. Patience on the new bike, I know it is sitting in the corner sending out it's siren song but it's in your best interest to wait. Very hard thing to do though, I'll admit.
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  7. I lost my license once for speeding on the 250, not interested in seeing the inside of a courtroom again for riding out of class, no matter how enticing the R6's song is I will put up with the next three months on my 250 :p
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  8. A pretty bike, that model R6...
  9. Thanks :)

    I originally had my heart set on the black over gold, had to be 09+ and the lowest km's possible. I'd seen the white with red accents but I hadn't seen this colour combo (turns out it was an 09 only Aus/NZ market colour). I saw it in the flesh and knew it had to be.
  10. Welcome to NR....
  11. welcome back
  12. Thanks everyone, I picked it up today :)

  13. Nice,now stay off it :)
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  14. When you're ready @GoldNine@GoldNine and I go for regular rides through the hills. Will always cater to a person's skill set so no need to worry. In fact I think we are still planning one Wednesday if you'd like to meet up on the vtr
  15. Work Monday to Friday, once in a blue moon I work a Saturday and get a Thursday off.
  16. Appreciate the offer though :)