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Helllooo everyone! :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by grey342, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys and gal's my names Josh,

    I just hit 18 a few months ago and decided to get my bike L's. I've had no real previous experiences with bikes but as of, April this year I got an interest in bikes ... kinda came out of nowhere but I'm glad it did!

    I asked my mum about getting one and of course I got a big NO... Understandable though as her best friend as a teenager was (RIP) killed on a motorbike. I still however tried my hardest to convince her otherwise, and to my surprise in the end, I did! ha ha,

    I've now turned 18, done a beginner rider course and passed my Learner test, and am now ready to buy my first ever mode of transportation ever. A motorbike!

    This Forums already proved so helpful as yesterday I posted about different bikes and have gotten Great responses! was looking at 125-150's and from the info I've gotten am looking at 250's-->500's (11' cbr250r with ABS) and (suzi GS500f) (VTR250 is also an option) but any other other options would be lovely to hear. :)

    Can't wait to get on the road!
  2. Welcome mate :) It took me a while to convince my mum haha

    I've got a ninja 250 and loving it, with the 300 out now I've seen quite a few popping up for less than 4.5k so that's another option
  3. Ah yeah, would be lovely to have a ninja, however my dad's suggesting I get a VTR250 01' model for 3k, im really tempted as i hear great things about it, but im just not sure my hearts set on it, so so hesitant
  4. Vtr's are pretty much what everyone recommends :) Have a seat on one and you might start to like it more haha, since that's where you'll spend most of your time (when you're not standing there admiring your bike)
  5. hahaha, yeah sounds like a good idea, personally I like naked bikes and although i'd go for a fully faired sport bike like your ninjy (if I had a bit more cash) Only downside to the VTR is the round headlight 'personal opinion' reckon there's places with custom headlamps? haha, more narrow and vertical?
  6. haha yeah I was never a fan on the massive single headlight. I've seen a couple of vtr's with twin horizontal headlights, looks a lot better.

  7. NO....fcukING BAD MONKEY

    this is not i'll get what bike i'm told to get by my parents or anyone else world...YOU get the bike you feel most comfortable on and can see yourself growing to love (of course ...for what your budget allows also.)

    dont buy a fcuking bike you'll regret having and spend the rest of your ownership of if hating the fcuking thing everytime you see another rider riding say a ninja or a cbr whilst your stuck on something you were told to buy....yes...listen to the advice here but ultimately it's your decision.
  8. I'm still going on my own personal taste, just taking in advice and the advice given isn't bad,
    VTR250, beautiful looking bike with lower seat and not too heavy, good price 'downside is me being picky 'front headlight/lamp'
    GPX250, not the "greatest" looking but not horrid, good performance wise and also good price too. (out performs the modern ninjas which is neat)

    these two bikes will allow me to budget for leathers as well and ride sooner getting up confidence and all the good stuff, where as...

    honda cbr250r '11-12 models,
    ninja 250r '10 models,

    Id prefer these two, but that's more so going for looks and buying one of the two will leave me broke and then making me wait to ride and save up more for leathers

    regardless when I'm no longer bound to LAM approved bikes I will sell whatever I get now... :/
  9. eh i had that mindframe for awhile in regards to getting rid of the lams bike n getting a new bike at the end of my lams period...over that concept...i'll get to my full license eventually...just having fun trying different variants of 250's learning what i can on different models ...i apologize and hope you don't believe i was attacking you or trying to be a prick in my previous post - that certainly was not the case.

    get what you want...just don't dismiss the older bikes (90's models) yes they've had alot more kilometre's put on them and there is a bigger risk of getting a lemon obviously with them simply being around for longer...but there are alot of great cheap bikes from that era (like the new cbr's being shitty single cylinder's compared to the old 90's cbr 250rr's which when well maintained throughout it's life -rarely the case but still...are absolute beasts compared.)
  10. Welcome Josh!

    Gladius are a good bike, as are the ER-6Nl's - depends on your budget. don't overlook the GS500 as well, reliable things!