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Helllls yeah! RS 125 :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Tildette, May 27, 2012.

  1. Judge away!

    The umm-ing and ahh-ing agony, the "no" and then even more "BUT I WANT IT"... my financial situation improved and I took my now-previous R15 to the wrong shop to have the rear tyre fixed up because I ended up spending a hell of a lot more money. ;D I was so sad to be parting with my darling Stampy but he did his job getting gumby me off the line.

    I realise how impractical it is. But it's my dream bike at the moment (or the RS 250? :p) and now I get to fight with her all the time. "It" is a her and her name is Ella, after one of my cats, also a fickle, fussy princess with less parts (born with no ovaries... yep) who only likes the finest fuel. Already got a couple of trivial -not specific to two-stroke- things to address. (y)

    Any of you Brisbaneans who may want to go for a (fairly easy... I've never done the twisties) ride or do some cornering/maneuvering/slow speed practice (must. improve. cornering. I'm a shocker), do swing a message my way. Or two-stroke enthusiasts who could so kindly show me a few things (ehehe) pulling it apart or offer some tips and tricks... greatly appreciated.


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  2. Congratulations, all of us wrestle with our hearts and heads when it comes to buying a bike. In the end though you only have to please yourself so if others say impractical say Hurumph and disappear in a cloud of blue stroker smoke. ;) Have fun.
  3. sweet, they are a good bike, have fun perfecting race launches when you are up to it, that's what i miss the most.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have along the way
  4. wow you've got some balls chick. sure it's only a 125 but they're still pretty savage, especially coming from a thai built 150. she'll certainly teach you to both worship and fear her fickle attitude.
    and i'm actually slightly jealous. but i never admitted that
    sign up to brissyridersclub.org, they occasionally do learner-friendly twisty runs, and also have some track junkies who are more than happy to help with your technique, and greasemonkies to help teach you how to do work yourself
  5. Wow! Congratulations.
    I'm free on Queen's Birthday holiday if you're organising...

    Keen to see the bike.
  6. Congrats on the new bike :)

    Question though: everyone always says 250s are too underpowered, wouldn't a 125 be even more so?
  7. 2 strokes are different
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  8. from what i've read the top speed of the rs125's is around the 170 mark...they are by NO means your cliche' gutless 125's

    congrats on the purchase
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  9. Oh so two stroke is faster than four stroke? I just assumed more was better, hence why I just bought a V8 :p
  10. Congrats on the new horse! I'm keen for a Brissie ride sometime soon, can't make this weekend though. Weekday perhaps?
  11. Google two-stroke vs four-stroke or something like that. They're just a bit different... ;) eg. The next one up; the RS 250 (and a few other 250 two-strokes) isn't learner legal due to craziness.

    Possibly. :) Pending work roster and exams... got the feeling I have a pretty significant assessment very close to that date.

    Would you be up for a weekday evening/night ride at some point?
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  12. Better power to weight ratio, but it's harder to USE the extra power since it's all near the redline
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  13. Sure, Monday or Tuesday next week is best for me for that time.
  14. Was this from springwood team moto? Saw it (or one very similar) a few weeks ago and was sorely tempted but lacking in cash. :-({|=
  15. That's the one. :) I was in a similar situation when I test rode her a few weeks prior to purchase.
  16. Will you be free next wed, thurs or fri?
  17. Thursday day or Friday day/evening/night, possibly. Depends how the study's going and if I haven't drunk myself to death after my practical assessment. :p Is your bike up and going again?
  18. Waiting for the indicators! She's running, the clutch has been put on and fibreglass has been applied to fairing... So indicators should hopefully be here by wednesday / thursday! Then she'll be good to go! :D

    Yeah... Friday day might be the go. Although, I have an exam that evening so maybe not... Might have to give it another week... But by then I'll definitely be all good to go. Friday night will be drinking night.
  19. Keen for a ride as I put a deposit on my next bike yesterday, but will probably be away with work for the next 2 months from next sunday :(
    My weeknights will be spent on the bike :p
  20. I'm up for a late week ride this week!