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Hell Roads - Tail of the Dragon

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MV, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Not a lot of riding, but a good rundown of the road I think.

    (Didn't quite fit in the p0rn thread)

    Oh, & watch out for trucks!

    Rather timely bit just before the 6 min mark :shock:

  2. Very nice road to rid on, The surface looks great, Bit like the road up to Hotham, without the ups and downs, Hahahahahahaha.

    Those trucks are some thing else tho, some of them look like extended trailers.
  3. safety nazis have long since ruined that pilgrimage with low speed limmits.

    we have roads just as good or better in Vic. we are lucky
  4. LOL, love the commentary, you can replace it with any road in Australia.
  5. 11 miles of twists only? I think Australia is lucky enough to be littered with these types of roads, maybe even more technical ones when you include the garbage road surface...................Id love to do the Tail of the Dragon though.

    That beginners end looks pretty funky :p..............but at least you can see where the corners go unlike the blind cliff faces we get here.
  6. 318 curves gives 55m between them on average. I don't know of any road we have that can match that. Also, when considered, the technical section of the putty only has 10 miles, RNP is only about 14 km, Mac pass is only 10km or less, Jenolan is long but sweeping, the tight section isn't particularly long and you can't do it fast anyway. The tight section of the alpine way down from thredbo might be up to it, as would some of the mid and north nsw road I think.

    That whole area of mountains on the east side of usa is littered with similar roads all in the same area, not to mention the blue ridge parkway.
  7. Khancoban to Tumbarumba via Cabramurra
    Mt Beauty to Omeo via Falls Creek

    Both of these routes cover long stretches of road that would more than challenge the Dragon.

    Imlay Rd - a fairly well paved road used mainly by logging trucks that runs almost 70km with no intersections. It also has few, if any advisory signs and safety or lane markings. It doesn't have 318 curves but it is challenging in many other ways. You have to find this road for yourself work out how hard it could bite if you screw up.
  8. Bonang Hwy has a sign at the southern end, 75 Klms Of twisties, it leaves the tail of the dragon for dead,

    The road up to Mt Buller is better, or Eildon to Jamieson,

    Its just that our roads are covered in trees and you cant see the roads, Hahahahaha
  9. the bloke and the pillion he is kitted up to the max well with alteast leathers on but his misses had a singlet.. wtf.. his the kind of bloke that will get up and check on the bike first before his misses... that road scares me lol ...
  10. Don't get me wrong, I didn't say we didn't have good roads, just not ones that are as dense for as long as that particular section of pavement.

    Elliot way through Tooma road is an amazing trip, and on the descents/ascents of the dams it may be as tight, as well as climbing out of the lake. It's just too bad it doesn't get enough traffic to be properly swept.
  11. Swept roads, Its not a race track, They get swept road surfaces, Hahahaha
  12. nice riding, r6

  13. Id say that road is so dangerous because its well known that Americans are absolutely shocking riders and drivers considering there are essentially no laws preventing complete newbies from hopping on a busa the day after they get a license. Same for cars. (in the majority of states at least)
  14. Where I used to live in Coffs my daily ride to and from work on Old Dorrigo way was 8ks top to bottom and 134 corners 80% being double or triple apex stuff. [ on average one bike a week goes up, but doesn't go back down under its own steam and at least one rider a year goes back to Coffs in a box :-( ]

    = a corner of some sort on average every 60mtrs.

    Was a magic way to start and finish the day .. Loz and a few others visited me one week and you couldn't get the smiles of their faces ... Oh Waterfall way was only an hr away and another hr to the Oxley , Heaven for the 5 years I lived up there :angel:

    Would I ride 'The dragon'? hell yeah, but given the choice, I'd more like to do a riding tour around Europe. =D>
  15. Yeah, Bonang Road's amazing, but it (and even roads like Macquarie Pass) don't get anywhere near 318-turns-in-11-miles sort of "density". I'd love to know if Australia has a road which comes close. :)
  16. We did Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway in a weekend two years ago, albeit in a Caddy CTS. The whole length of both is signposted 30mph and is heavily enforced, both by normal cops and the parks police.

    Would definitely be more fun on a bike!

    The Dragon should be posted as illegal for vehicles over 30ft in length because there is no way a semi can remain in its lane on most of the corners, its all double lines so how can that be legal??????
  17. Its only 29 bends per mile, over 11 miles.

    Bonang is some 115 Klms long,

    Eildon to Jamieson is 63 Klms,

    Omeo to Falls Creek is 60 Klms,

    Mount Buller, 30 Klms,

    Noojee to Baw Baw, Quite a few Kays,

    The Tawonga end of Tawonga road, 15 Klms,

    I dont count corners, Too busy looking at the views,

    But all these roads would certainly come close.

    They have a lot of close tite bends,

    A Kilometer is five eigths of a Mile,
  18. That OP vid has some interesting incidents. Several shits, yikes and fark me's were uttered.
  19. There are a lot of good vids on that road, Tail of the dragon crashes, or wrecks,

    Where bikes just run straight off the road with out even trying to go around the corners. Or even braking to stop.

    Some of them should never have been on bikes in the first place,
    or chronically need lessons to ride their bikes,
  20. Did you not see the articulated semi's taking up both sides of the road around the corners? I'd say that'd be a factor, myself.