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Helkoo My Nam Iz Borat...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. And so began the wost movie I have seen in a long LONG time... :( I feel like I need couciling after watching that film... or at least get me over the cost of going to the movies today...

    but if there are two things I took away from that film One would be how stupid the average american was depicted. Two how much candy and coke cost these days.. :cry:

  2. I was reluctant to click the link because I thought it was going to be praising it and I personally think it looks so stupid I don't ever want to see it ...

    I saw the trailer .. the people who would enjoy it would sound something like this...
  3. "Average American"? I don't think he would bother showing the average American because they aren't as stupid as he makes out. Sure, they have some weird ways but that doesn't make them stupid. I have been on the piss in a Cowboy Karaoke bar in the middle of nowhere in Texas(don't ask :LOL: ) and the yocals were great people. We shouted the bar and had a brilliant night. They weren't all morons like Borat would have us believe. In fact the only person we met that night which was stereotypical of this type of American image was the local sheriff who turned up and started hassling us(there were 20 of us). He had it all. Huge utility belt, massive 6-shooter, handlebar moustache, huge belt buckle, ginormous hat. He was like the sheriff out of First Blood(the first Rambo movie) ie. an obnoxious control freak.
  4. I'm wired up wrong hence my name and a few other things i wont get into or out of for a long time... no hugs please but I would have even for comedy's sake some BLOODY Comedy!!!! meh atleast the $20 packet of smarties was good.

    As for teh average american well I scencerly hope to meet one or a couple a dozen so I can at least get a real understanding of the misconceptions.... but untill then I am going to be scared....
  5. Don't feel bad about not getting the humour.
    It's called irony.
    People like you are what it's actually about.

    The rest of us think it's a hoot.
  6. This movie is excellent. It is an excellent portrayal of humankind's ability to look the other way when someone is doing something terrible, or at least not to stop them. Sacha Baren Cohen is a genius. If you didn't enjoy the movie you were either subconsciously angry because you're a racist idiot, or else you simply can't look further than the movie's immature exterior.
  7. jimma you think it was great I think it was a dog, as mocumnetaries go I think it did a great job but I still didnt like it. I agreed with much of the film but it was prety lame when compared with saha's previous works as borat, ali G and bruno. This film is the first time I've watch one of his works and gone meh.... I'm not call in his "GENIOUS" for want of a better word....

    as for racisim and personal attacks dont start. I dont want to get into a long whinded debate over racisim or my personal preference "sux ur a ...." card that doesnt exist.

  8. i know a teacher who worked in America for a few years.

    people always ask why ammericans have no idea where places are in the world etc..... ie Australia.

    He said that rom what he noticed... the average american has issues finding their home town on a map of USA....... or even a rough area it would be in.. i mean i know Kyneton is in central Vic. He had students and parent looking on the wrong seaboard for their city!!

    There will allways be exception but he said about 60% have no idea where they actually live other than "it's in California" etc.

    Q: Why did God invent WAR??


    A: So Americans can get a geography lesson
  9. saw it last night after some gentle, or no so gentle, persuasion by my better half. much funnier than i expected; some unbelievable cringe moments (the naked fighting scene); some awe-struck 'how did he find the courage to do that?' moments (the rodeo & dinner party scenes); some nice chuckles (the etiquette and humour coaches); and some great head-shakin' laughter at the evangelical church. overall, far better than i expected and hat of to sacha baron cohen.

    as for how the americans were depicted, well, they're an easy target. frankly though the rednecks and evangelicals are the same all over the world in their (and our) respective countries and easy to get wound up so they sound as stupid as they are. as for the individuals like the car salesman, the driving instructor, the etiquette coach and the dinner party crew, i thought they came across as mostly patient, decent, well-meaning folk who took him at face-value and were mostly polite and good-humoured even as he started to get more outrageous in his questions. i don't think i would've done any better if i thought, as they were led to, that the documentary was legitimate.
  10. If Borat isn't your thing then so be it. Maybe you should have watched some Ali G episodes beforehand and if that wasn't your scene then you wouldn't have gone.

    A tip if you didn't like Borat, don't go and see Bruno (another character - gay Austrian - from the show) when it comes out next year.
  11. personlay i cant wait to see the gay austraian scathing atacks on the fashion industry.... but it will never be as original as Surge the seal pup trying to get deported to bolimia to stop models at their source...
  12. personlay i cant wait to see the gay austraian scathing atacks on the fashion industry.... but it will never be as original as Surge the seal pup trying to get deported to bolimia to stop models at their source...
  13. Norman Gunston did it first, and better :p
  14. :shock: your right.... :LOL: toilet paper swabs and baby oiled hair.