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webBikeWorld Helite Adventure Airbag Jacket with Airbag

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 15, 2016.

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    The Helite Adventure jacket includes the Helite "Turtle" airbag vest, but the Adventure jacket isn't just about the airbag.

    It's a premium jacket in its own right and it's packed with features.

    Start with a Cordura shell and a "Humax" water- and windproof breathable membrane liner.

    Add huge swaths of Superfabric to cover the elbows, forearms and shoulders and Knox CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors.

    And, of course, there's a removable thermal liner.

    The exterior of the jacket shell includes plenty of high-visibility reflective panels and there are plenty of pockets, including two that are waterproof.

    All of this means that Helite could probably sell just the jacket without the airbag and it would be one of the most feature-rich 3/4-length jackets available.

    But the Turtle airbag system includes a SAS-Tec back protector. The system uses a replaceable CO2 cartridge, said to inflate the jacket in 100 milliseconds.

    Combined with the internal protectors, the airbag system with the back protector provides a remarkable amount of protection.

    The Helite Adventure jacket costs $170.00 more than the Helite Airnest airbag vest alone, which makes the jacket something of a bargain.

    Altogether, this is quite an interesting motorcycle jacket on many levels.

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