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Helibars tracstars install

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mooney, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I just got myself a set of helibars the tracstars model for my 2010 gsxr750. I know people have their opinions on changing bars but I spend all day on the building site bending over and my lower back struggles on long rides. So I'm giving it a go. This is some information for anyone else with a Supersport who wish it was just that little bit more comfy. I have read reviews of people in the states doing it to their cbrs, s1000rr, and the reviews of them were fantastic.

    I will be attempting to install them myself hopefully later this afternoon. I will take pics and post before during and after install so you can all see the difference in the two bars.

    Build quality on the bars is second to none. All holes predrilled and threaded to take standard hardware. Direct unbolt rebolt. I paid $389 from mick hone motorcycles in Mont Albert as they are the Australian dealer.

    more posts to come...

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  2. They look heaps good. Should be alot more comfy to ride. I've got an 03 gsxr1000 with dirt bike bars on it. Love them. I have a rebuilt humerus from a big stack years ago so clip ons are no good for me.
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    Hey all well got a chance to do install this afternoon. Was pretty straight forward apart from instructions showing cable routing different to my bike and it not working as they showed it. But I've made it work anyway. Will post pics then write a review

    Pic 3 shows 1 of each bar to see height difference


    Wow! What a dramatic difference. They are only 45mm higher and a bit closer but it feels like I'm on a completely different bike. When I left my house the first few turns I over turned way too much. It's actually improved my leverage on the bars and makes counter steering so much more effective.

    It has sat me up just enough to take the strain of my previously injured lower back.

    All in all I am wrapped with the product and can't wait to do a run up the hills to test out. I now see what all the Daytona 675 riders from the states have been raving about. Fantastic upgrade.

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