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Helibars on supersports

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by noodle, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hi All, here my review of helibars on my R1 sports touring!!!!

    Just a quick review on the helibars I bought from Mick Hornes Suzuki at whitehorse RD Mont Albert
    they were $429, about $10 more expensive than if I were to buy them from the USA and ship it here.
    But, hey, $10 more, support local shop!

    Reason for buying these helibars, due to hand injury, I can't keep my body weight on my wrist as much as I could before the injury, especially in braking and in long trips.

    Install took 40 mins, it was very straight forward, using a philips screw driver to take off the things on the bars, and two hex wrench for the rest, the only difficult bit was the triple clamp, it was very tight, had to wiggle it a bit to take it off and put back on, then comes off the original bars, replace the new bars, put back the triple clamp, and the rest of bits back onto the new bar.

    the helibar's tip, will raise the original position's tip by 5cm
    raise the overall by 3cm
    rearward by 3cm


    So, how does it feel?

    Definately an increase of comfort, I would say increase in

    50% less pressure on both hands
    10 degrees of more sitting up right?
    less fatigue on the lower back

    but, there is a down side.
    less control over the bike, probably 20-25%
    less response over the bike probably 30%

    is it worth it?

    If you ride more than 2 hours a trip on your supersport, and you are getting hurt, then yes.
    If you can ride without getting pains, then you don't need this.


    here is it, after installation


    here it is, overall appearance


  2. Interesting I thought Helibar had gone bust a few year ago.
  3. Have you checked full lock from left to right? Are all the cables of sufficient length to still have a little play in them?
    I have Apex adjustable risers on my CBR6. Certainly helps commuting.
  4. Deadman has risers on his Blackbird: they look a bit funny but he swears by their comfort..
  5. Love the idea. I ride a gsxr1000 k3 streetfighter with dirt bike bars on it. So comfy to ride. I have plates in my humerus from a stack years ago so I can't last long with clip ons.
  6. not for me personally... you really mess with the steering geometry of these bikes when you raise the bars.
    why not buy a naked? everything about a supersport is designed to be pin point accurate.
    i doubt you will now be sitting properly on the bike also.... so it may have adverse effects there on rideability too.

    my 0.02c
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  7. yo, in the instructions, did say to check if bars and cable after install, it's pretty well made, just 5mm of slack left of the cables after the install

    the ride quality? the ride isn't so bad, it was a bit awkward at first, just not used to the position, but after two weeks, it's quite pleasant, got used to it real quick
    but, if I were to go to track-days, then definitely, I would change the bars back, if anything more than 160-200kph, it would be less "accurate"

    I would love to get a naked bike, maybe soon I will,

    The R1 is a great bike, especially in A mode, it would out power, out run most other naked bikes, so having wider bars and the grunt of the R1, is like having the best of both worlds.
  8. so are you adding that up?
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  9. It's known by those that know, that 84% of Netrider contributors enjoy 89% of the statistical references, but only 50% of the time. Fact*
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  10. have you checked that fact?
    im not sure if those numbers add up.
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  11. Pardon?

    Raising the bars doesn't "mess" with the steering geometry.

    On some of the super fast bikes, like basejumper's Gixxer thou, it can play havoc with the aerodynamics, but the steering geometry remains the same, albeit with usually more leverage on the bars.
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  12. So around 38% will like this reference !!!
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  13. go ride a supersport, and you will know what I'm talking about
    sitting upright, will make the bike less responsive,
    espcially in track days, you have to move forward into the front part of the seat, get low, arm below the bars to gain maximum control of a cornering bike
  14. Disagree with you mate, unless I'm not understanding exactly what you mean by maximum control.

    You'll actually have more control over steering with wide/higher bars. Which will make it more responsive.
    The reason for lower clipons with a sportsbike is to get more weight over the front end. To give more grip to the front tyre with the higher loads and lean angles placed in it.
    Secondly but also important is to help get you lower down for aerodynamics.
  15. i think he means he turned his bike into a shitter.
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  16. i don't want to be rude or come off as an asshat
    but you just contradicted yourself..... more leverage on the bars is changing steering geometry.
    coming from someone who used to work for suzuki head office i can inform you that you are wrong, raising the height of the bars above the top of the triple clamp effects steering geometry and steering input, the chassis is designed to work with the clip ons low mounted, there was a tech bulletin that was released on the issue and advising customers not to fit them to their vehicles for a multitude of reasons, which included: bump steer geometry, instability, brake steer issues, failures, etc
    nakeds are designed with raised bars, so they are exempt from this issue.
  17. I think he was thinking about chassis/suspension geometry
  18. Nor do I.

    In terms of reducing steering input,yes.....actual change to the rake and trail is infinitesimal right up to stupidly high speeds where the aero effect greatly reduces weight on the front wheel, which then does have a bit of effect.

    Fine. You have read the memo....... I have only ridden a couple of Gixxer Thous fitted with proper handlebars.

    BTW, the advice to not do it from Suzi, would have a lot more to do with liability than anything else.
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  19. As the owner of a k3 gixer 1000 with renthal bars on it , I love the way it rides and handles. I never rode it beforehand with original clip ons and I'm not that experienced in how super sport bikes with clip ons handle, but my bike feels great around corners and very stable and solid
  20. wow, so many experts here
    all I said, was how I felt
    who cares

    fact: the bike is less painful to ride now

    all it matters, money well spent
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