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Helibars on a sportsbike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by raven, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Helibars on a sportsbike - report

    Has anyone on here tried helibars on a sportsbike?

    These are replacement clips-ons that raise the height about 1-1/2 inches and move them back a little bit. (In the case of the ones I am looking at)

    I have to make some comprimizes with my riding due to a new physical condition that makes the stock setup on the fireblade less that ideal for me.

    Yes I could get a more upright bike, and may end up having to go that route but I am interested in trying something a little less "life-changing" first.
    I look at the Blade in the garage and simply - cannot yet face the thought of selling it.

    Just after some experiences or opinions...

    Ta. John.
  2. A lot of Blackbird riders have put them on, Makes it a bit easier for them, But 1.5 inches isnt much if you need more for Physical problems,
    another idea would be risers if you can bolt them on, they go from 2 inch to any height you need, then just bolt your bars to them or buy a new set of bars to suit your needs,
  3. Been thinking about these for a while, but not too sure if the frisky front end of the 929 would benefit with less weight over the front though.. Adjustable bars would be ideal.
  4. I don't know about with Fireblades, but I believe this is a much-used mod on VFRs, for probably the same reasons....
  5. Apparently they are the duck's on the 675 (a notoriously uncomfortable bike). Heard nothing but good things from them.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys..:)

    (I honestly was expecting a "WTF" kinda answer from everyone, but it seems a more common thing than I'd figured.)

    If they can make a difference on the trumpet, then it should help me on the Blade I reckon - we'll see, as I have gone and ordered the little blighters. :)
    Nothing ventured nothing gained and the cost is minimal compared to selling and trying to buy something a little more forgiving physically for my recently developed condition. (groan)

    Thanks again guys. :)

  7. All the talk about your body getting used to low sports riding postion might work if your under 30,not so much if your over 40 and more,one of the first things I did on my Pantah was adjustable higher clipons
  8. The smallest change to the handle bar position can make a huge difference on your comfort.
  9. I have helibar risers on the ZX14.

    They lift the bars by 10mm and back towards me by 5mm.

    It dont sound like much but it made a hell of a difference to the ergonomics of the bike

    They fitted on no probs, and I didnt have to replace any hoses.

    A good mod for sure

  10. Yeah, I agree with ya...I was doing aok with it - guess I just got used to it, and even contemplated a more aggressive position by throwing on some rearsets, and I I'm 52! :)

    Then I had a accident at work, ended up with neck surgery (double-discectomy) and the remaining disks at either end in poor shape...so the usual position on the Blade is just too hard on the neck now.

    At the same time I tore my supraspinalis rotator cuff muscle in two, so I feel the weight of me on that shoulder way too much.

    Truelly, we get to an age where we no longer bounce, and just hit the ground with a loud "thud", instead.

  11. I reckon it's an awesome thing you're doing btw, increasing the comfort of your fire breathing supersport rather than packing it all in for a quiet harley life! =D>
  12. The Svr had them for awhile, the alloy is softer than standard and bends easy. Particularly if you throw it down the track, and also if you tie it down to the trailer while you're still angry.

    Also I'd recommend getting a throttle rocker (or cruise control) to use on the transit legs of your rides. This will allow you to shift position and get more comfort during the boring bits.
  13. I would suggest a renthal bar. Of course, to accommodate this you might need to get rid of some poofy plastic. O hey, then you'd be halfway to a STREETFIGHTER YAY!
  14. Amen, brother. I still find the riding position of the VFR quite comfortable but I know of a lot of older riders who have gone to Heli's on their VFR's and swear by them.

    I Understand how you feel about the 'Blade, Raven. Some joys are just too great to part with, aren't they? I know my old nail is 16 years old this year but I still look at it from a distance and think to myself, "Damn, that is such a great-looking bike."
  15. I have a pair of Helibars on the GSXR750. Best comfort mod I ever made to the bike.
    The extra leverage for steering they offer is great too.

    Position-wise, there is quite a bit of a difference compared to stock clip-ons. Whenever I take the missus' 600 out for a spin, my body complains about having to use muscles it doesn't normally use on the usual steed. So I suppose the less muscles being worked the more comfortable it gets.

    As far as high-performance riding goes, everything is pretty much the same except to really get into a tuck I have to bend my elbows a bit more to get the upper body closer to the tank - Picture Ben Spies with his elbows for example.
  16. It might be silly to point this out, Raven as you might know Deadman pretty well. But in case you don't, this is what he has done with risers on his bird (I assume he won't have a problem with me posting these...).

    That is some serious height :LOL:


    I love it! I am getting my sportsbike riding phase outta the way now while I'm younger, I'll probly move to something a little more practical and less high-strung when I'm older, but this mod means I have a pretty wide range of bikes to retire to (in many years) I reckon!!!
  17. Well at least his elbows are clear from the rear vision mirrors,he says shaking his head
  18. Those 12 inch risers are nuts! Do you seriously need them that high?
  19. Wow...that's a set on of serious risers....at least they're on a worthy bike.
    I Loooove the blackbird...:)

    Thanks for the tip on the "softness" of the clip-ons Steve. Might not affect me, but worth knowing just the same.

    I'm interested also in seeing what the extra width will do, because the Blade is a little "heavy" in the flip flops and takes a bit of muscle to switch directions quickly. (relatively speaking of course...)