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Helibars on a Blackbird

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mjt57, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. I'd like to hear from Blackbird owners who've fitted Helibar riser handlebars to their bikes.

    How much improvement are they? Do you still get sore arms, backs, wrists, necks and anything else that can get sore from crouching over the tank for long periods of time?

    Where did you get them? Oz dealers seem to be asking a lot more than Helibar in the US which won't ship to Oz to private dealers.


  2. I looked at Helibars, but instead fitted VFR bars to 2 Blackbirds as the parts were readily available - though very expensive - from my local dealer.

    The rise in height and reduced reach made for a more comfortable position for me on bikes I mainly rode on long distance days.

    The Helibars would be similar presumably.
  3. I was considering VFR bars but it's an expensive option, if you can source them. Hence my query about the Helibars. I really need to hear from BB owners who've done this.

    I'd hate to spend $400 on a set only to find that instead of an hour's riding before I'm squirming in the seat that it's 1h 10mins...
  4. You want risers? Check this out, you may even recognise the bike:D

    deadman loaded. risers.
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  5. Yes, in execution it works quite well, but I don't want to go that far...
  6. Would that be @deadman 's bike? Also tagging seems to be broken...
  7. Yep, that's Deadman's. Tagging is currently disabled.
  8. Didn't think there'd be two bastards mad enough here to do that haha
  9. I just bought a New Slow Blue Blackbird,

    40 Kays I rode it home,

    My wrists are killing me, These Clipons are crap, They have got to go,

    Another set of risers are going on this Bird as well,
    Not only is it painfull to ride, I have lost my ability to throw this Bird around, Effectively,
    Thats what the wider and higher bars do,
    All your effort comes from your shoulders, not from your wrists, and you can throw the bike sideways two lanes with ease,

    It may look stupid to the Purists, But it does work and works extremely well,
    But I am a Rider that does ride, In all conditions,
    My bike has to do the same, In all conditions,
    Its Modified to fit me, And it does work Superbly,
    70,000 kays in 4 1/2 years of just fun riding,
    I dont have aches and pains from long hours on the bike, Which is what I enjoy doing, Lots of miles, On the crappiest roads,

    Blackbirds are Clones, All the same size and dimensions, People are not,
    You have to modify a bike to fit you and your riding style,
    If it hurts, Change it so it doesnt,
    Bikes are Fun and for Enjoyment, , Not an Instrument to Torture you,

    Couple of hundred dollars will transform your bike from A,
    It hurts to ride, so I wont,
    To a Bike that you cant keep your self off it, Its a Total Pleasure to ride,
    Its your choice,
    Do you ride it, Or do your friends ride it,
    The people that have sat on mine with the risers, The comment has been WOW, These are comfortable, Very easy to ride,
    The Double Bubble windscreen puts you in a Vacuum, So any speed is comfortable siting bolt upright,

  10. All that stuff on the Tank was on the Back Rack, The Bikes Frame broke off, hahahaha,
    What ever Happened to a sleeping bag in a plastic bag, I had two kitchen sinks in that lot,
  11. mjt have you considered Apex risers? They do up to a 4" riser but still adjustable in height with 8 radial settings. i have them on my cbr6 makes commuting far more comfortable. Decent vid on their website that'll give you a better idea.
  12. Lionz, I've not heard of them before. I'll do a search, see what they're like.

    Problem with Helibars is that Mick Hone's the only Australian supplier. Currently it has none in stock and could be 3 weeks away. That's a bit of a worry as we have a 3 day ride planned for late Feb and I want whatever bars that I get to be fitted before then.
  13. Just had a look at the Apex bars. Look good. Only problem - who here in Oz sells them???
  14. I got mine direct from Sportbiketrackgear or you can get them direct from Apex for the same money - i just bundled mine with some other gear.

    Just be aware if you go for the full rise you may need longer cables: brake/ clutch/ throttle.
    My clutch was fine, my throttle control adjusted slightly gave me enough and the front brake cables needed re-running to clear (because of full lock). The angle and height of the bar itself was the biggest problem for me to clear my fairing, but no biggie really, just time and small adjustments.
  15. Sportbike is in the US. How long did it take to ship to you? For me, time is critical. I should've done this months (perhaps years) ago.
  16. About a week from STG or Jake Wilson took 5 days for two sets of tyres but not sure if they stock Apex. STG are good though.
  17. An update.

    Ended up getting the Helibars from Mick Hone. Cost about $380 delivered. I started to fit them the other day, then I had a bit of an accident and my left wrist is all swollen.

    Having a devil of a time trying to extract the vibration dampeners from the OEM clipons. I'll have to take them to work and get someone to help me remove them.

    But so far, they look OK, asthetically. Ride position, just sitting on the bike in the shed, seems to be a bit better. But an actual ride will determine this.

    That will happen in a couple of weeks, a 3 dayer with the lads to an undisclosed location. (I don't like the idea of publicising our rides any more on public forums. Too many of the wrong sort tend to read them - particularly if you live in QLD...)
  18. If anyone is looking for VFR clip-ons, let me know. I installed a set of helibars on my 98 VFR, so have the original set to sell.
  19. Do you know how much higher or further back the handlebars sit compared to the Blackbird's bars?

    Putting VFR bars on a 'bird was a popular mod at one time.

    How much do you want for them?
  20. I don't know the different position of the stock VFR compared to the Blackbird.

    Let me make sure that I have the clip-ons tonight, before I give you what I am chasing for them.