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Held women's jackets - sizing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by elsanpedro, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here & to riding a motorcycle! Currently looking at buying a leather jacket. I'm petite, 5'0" & 49kgs. Considering this, my best options are Dainese & Rev'it. I have also heard Joe Rocket cater for petite women like me. I have noticed Held have women's jackets in size 34 so just wondering if any ladies have had any experiences with their gear? I have emailed the company websites (Australian & German) so still waiting for a response.


  2. Righto,
  3. This is very un-Justus like :wideyed:
  4. ...... And no thread lock for no post in the welcome thread.

    The world must be ending and he hasn't told us yet!!!!
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  5. It's the new, improved Justus, 38% more cleaning power in an attractive new container :D
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  6. Probably past his use by date......
  7. Oh and G'day Eliza. You're not my niece are you?
  8. On a more serious note, go and try as many on as you can to see how they fit and get a feel for the brand.

    After that have a look at the videos here - http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Page.bok?template=Leather+Motorcycle+Jacket+Shopping+Guide

    Then look at their range of woman's jackets. Most will have video reviews. While I have yet to see them say anything bad about a product it does give you a better idea about what each one offers.

    There in general not cheap and quality varies a lot. If all else fails have a chat to these people who are in Sydney - http://ozmotorcycleleathers.com great people and will give you honest advice as they do repairs on a lot of gear. Given your size custom may well be the way to go.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. A friend of mine bought a Held ladies jacket through the fc-moto website according to their size chart and found it true to size.
    She's also very happy with the jacket.
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    <3 Justus <3
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  11. Justus is OK everybody. He's back on his medication. :]

    I do have a niece named Eliza and she wants to ride!
  12. Yeah a 2005 Henschke Hill of Grace.
  13. Gawd, next thing you know, he'll actually ride a blinkin' bike!
  14. Hey guys, thanks for the input. I will post on the welcome thread!

    I could post a photo for you to decide but maybe best to take things a bit slow? ;-)

    I don't think so... I don't have an uncle in Melbourne, not that I know of anyway. Unless your niece is a petite Filipino, then maybe?

    Thanks heaps Jeremy, I'll have a look at those links. I have tried one Dainese jacket in the 38 which is a perfect size fit but it's seems difficult to find these. A couple of Alpinestars in the 38 have also been good. There is a particular Held jacket I've got my eyes on although the cut looks a bit too long on the torso from photos.

    Thanks AlGroover, from short reviews on online stores I've also read that Held seem true to size. I recently bought a jacket from FC-moto after they confirmed a size conversion but it was way off & had to send it back to Germany for $81!
  15. Hi Eliza, welcome to the nut house!

    My wife has a 'Shift Siren' leather jacket in white and it comes in XS and hight/weight is similar to yours.

    The jacket is great quality and very well armoured. Definately worth a look.
  16. hey babe get the tightest gear you can find, if you need help getting it back off just give me a yell. im quite
    good at that
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    Is she pretty?? If yes, I won't mind letting her ride my CB400 :X3:
  18. Hana @NAK@NAK. You have to handle her wacky nature - think you are up to it? Don't think this Eliza is my niece, or she'd recognise the name