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TAS Held Titan gloves (L)

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories, and Apparel for Sale' started by intrancewetrust, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Back before i had my bike, I was looking at gear and after a lot of research decided that held titans would be a great gloves investment. I bought a pair from held Australia on sale for $300. They fit "ok" so i didnt send them back, however when i got my bike several weeks later and actually went riding with them i discovered that fitting "ok" was not really good enough. The thumb and pinky/ring fingers are a bit too long, and the heel of the hand is a bit too narrow ( i have relatively short fingers and a wide palm)

    I have since found dainese gloves fit the shape of my hand perfectly, so i am just never going to use these gloves. I have worn them for about 1 hour, maybe 2 at the most. they are pretty much brand new, there is some very slight black scuffing on the palm from my grips and very slight creasing but nothing more than you would expect from wearing them once on your bike anyway. I dont think they are even broken in yet because the lateral side of the hand is still uncomfortably stiff (its a massive thick bit of roo leather up that whole side of the glove with several pads and chunks of stingray leather)

    On paper these are the best gloves out there i think, full roo leather, real stingray leather and carbon fibre all over the show with titanium knuckles. but they were clearly not designed for my fred Flintstone hands!

    Selling for $200 plus postage, which should be $15 for an express post bag. if you happen to live in northern tassie your welcome to check them out and pick them up


  2. Large by the looks of it Katie :)
  3. Thanks jonnymacjonnymac. I'd fit mediums. Oh well, guess I'll have to keep looking for a spare set :)
  4. Hi, I sold these sorry but cant figure out how to edit the post to say so.