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Held Crackerjack Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by AlGroover, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. I've been thinking of getting a pair of kevlar jeans for a while.
    Now it seems to me that the conventional construction of these with a kevlar membrane on the inside means that the kevlar does nothing until the denim fails.
    Being a dedicated contrarian I looked around for an alternative.
    I found three manufacturers offering m/c jeans made from a single layer denim / kevlar (or aramid) composite weave fabric.
    Esquad (French), Held (German) and King Kerosin (German).
    Esqaud doesn't say precisely what their 'Armalith' is but it's probably very good.
    King Kerosin say theirs is 35% kevlar and come in a few designs. Maybe these are different fit. I don't know. King Kerosin has 32" and 34" inseam option.
    Held say their Crackerjack jeans are 45% kevlar. Held also come in inch increment waist sizes and standard 32" inseam.
    I've been very happy with other Held products so a price of $260 landed from fc-moto and I have my Crackerjack jeans.
    First impression is the fabric feels pretty much like heavy denim. The jeans are a mid rise cut and true to size or maybe a little more snug than expected. I don't know if the fit will ease with wear so I reckon go up a size if in doubt. Out of the box they feel very comfortable. Length for me is just right when seated on the bike.
    The jeans have internal pockets for knee and hip armour.

  2. Isn't one of the major considerations when using (and where your using) Kevlar the fact that it breaks down when exposed to UV light?
  3. That explains the big hole in mine where the sunshine been coming out.
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  4. Ahahaha, yeah. Surprised it's not. More common problem.
  5. Yes but exactly how unstable is difficult to find out. Sails have been made out of kevlar for years and their exposure is pretty extreme.
    I'll have to watch them and see how they go but I can't find any accounts of these fabrics falling apart.
  6. Agreed.

    There is plenty of "information" out there not a lot of it seems credible though (lots of forum experts etc).

    DuPont then selves provide some detailed info on it, it's certainly not all doom and gloom but it seems like something to be aware of.

    I'm guessing sails have some kind if coating on them, not sure about the fibers in jeans though....
  7. From a book published in the 80s by textiles researcher Howard L Needles. I think this was the most straight up answer I was able to find when I looked into it briefly a while back.
  8. The outer surface of the jeans is traditional blue colour. The inner surface is yellowish / blue.
    When Held states these are 45% kevlar I don't know if this is by weight, volume, number of fibres or something else.
    Kevlar can be stabilised with coatings to the fibres. Again I don't know if this applies here.
    The cotton matrix isn't 100% stable either.
  9. In regards to your initial post there are actually quite a few brands now doing a kevlar blend jean to get away from having separate protective patches. The uglyBROS range that we carry has a model like the ones you describe, the Echo K. Simple straight cut, 30% kevlar in the denim weave. As has been said by others, the outer of the denim is blue, with a yellow tinge on the inside.
    I am no fabrics expert so cannot definitively answer whether the kevlar is UV protected in any of these jeans, nor if it needs to be, but as has been mentioned in this thread there isn't really any credible evidence that I have come across to say that kevlar used in this way degrades to a degree which would noticably affect performance, if I had I would not be selling a product made this way.