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HEL vs Goodridge braided lines

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GForce, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Anyone here experience these braided brake lines. Which is considered or known for their performance.
    Any useful information would be great.

  2. ok, I must ask, unless you are Rossi, Stoner or Bangr, how much difference will braided lines actually make? or is their fitment merely wank factor?
  3. I'm fairly sure that nearly everyone here who has fitted them has reported a better feel through the lever and at least some increase in braking performance.

    Based on that alone I'm getting a set for mine.

  4. How much increase? 1% 10% 50%??

    I'm asking because the firestorm's brakes aren't that efficient
  5. IMO, any increase in performance is good. I've chatted with many riders online who've made the switch and none of them has ever had a bad thing to say about 'em. Those who use their bikes for street and track duty just love them.

    My big girl's got Goodridge lines, but they were on the bike when I bought her. I'm kinda glad, too. When pulling up 340kg of bike, rider and fuel (not to mention any packs), she needs all the assistance she can get! (As was discovered on the group ride! :wink:)

    I've just gotta get out and practice my E-braking, though, to get more comfortable with hitting the picks hard.
  6. Vic,
    Is the problem with the firestorms brakes, excessive lever travel or lack of stopping power?
  7. i put them on my old cbr600rr, I noticed no difference at all, and I did a couple of track days, but they looked really cool!! I got them for the wank factor, im a pretty crap rider anyway but thought they looked cool!
  8. Which could explain why you didn't notice the difference. Some people are more tuned-in to their machines and can feel any difference in them.

    No offence. :wink:
  9. I've got them, but haven't fitted them yet... and they're the same colour as the existing brake lines, so this will be one of those "internal" blings, that aren't really "look at moi".

    The brakes are fine at the mo, I just know I'll be keeping her for a loooong time so I might as well do this deed before any hose sponginess comes into play.

    Vic, one other way to get some extra performance is to change brake pad material - ferrodo make a good sintered brake pad.
  10. Vic if the 'Storm is like my CBR, the initial feel of the brakes is okay, but a little vague. I.e. you know the pads are touching the disks more by the fact the bike is slowing than the feel through the lever. I'm a bit 50/50 on whether I should get some or not. The brakes work on the CBR however the lever has to travel a fair distance to get to medium / heavy braking. The brakes on the Spada felt better.
  11. Vic, My storm had pretty dodgy brake lever feel as far as I was concerned, it was a 99 model, and under the most excessive of braking, I could get the outside of the lever to touch the bar without locking up the front wheel, so I know where you are coming from.

    I fitted goodridge braided lines from wezmoto, just the zinc plated ones, didnt need to spend the extra money for stainless. The increase in feel is about 2 to 3 times, straight away. I was amazed at how much less pressure was needed to stop. The travel has been reduced to about 2/3's at most, and it just feels so much more responsive.

    Before and after use of the lever will have the difference identified straight away, it's not subtle at all.

  12. Sweet thats what I wanted to hear. I'll have to get a set of lines.

  13. So, are you Rossi, Stoner or just a wanker? :wink:
  14. If you have excessive lever travel or spongy feel, then a good bleed and or a set of Goodridge hoses will help quite a bit.
    If you have good pressure but no stopping power (brake feel wooden) then it's more likely to be a pad issue.
  15. It wasn't a statement. It was a question.

    You can label me however you see fit ;)
  16. i recently fit HEL lines to the f4i and am very happy with them. i have used goodridge lines in the past. but the HEL lines look great (lots of colours, smaller fittings) and didn't cost too much. i also recommend using RBF600 brake fluid. it is the business and will be almost impossible to boil.
  17. I got HEL lines on rgv. They help out, but i am not sure by how much, because at the same time i rebuilt the calipers and got a radial master cylinder. motul 5.1 seems to work pretty well.
  18. I have just fitted the HEL braided lines. Bloody great! 50% improvement in feel, 20% improvement in braking power at LEAST.

    Makes my other bike with standard rubber hoses feel unsafe in comparison!
  19. what bike do you ride hotcam?

    if the braided lines are only going to make 10% diff then i will not even bother but instead just get good pads.
  20. Just a tip, i know HEL are Aussie and all but you can buy them cheaper from the US which is ridiculous. I was trying to organise a GB for the korider members. Hel Performance said if I could get 10 orders then they would apply a 20% discount on a 3 line kit in any colour. That would make the kit $192.72AU. Ordering from a random shop in the US they come in at $167AU, add in $10 or so for postage... and that was for a single order!!!

    Always astounds me you can buy something cheaper that has been made here, shipped around the world and back again and still save a heap!!