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HEL Brake Lines

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gavinl, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. They arrived today \\:D/

    2 lines for the front, 1 rear, 1 clutch, 7 bolts, 14 copper washers and a sticker, $150 delivered in any colour I wanted (neon red). Good value and they arrived quick.


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  2. That's a good price. I see the rubber sleeve at the banjo bolts, but are they ADR compliant (or is it a track bike?)

  3. I bought HEL lines and they are suppose to be ADR compliant, they have some letters/numbers printed on the boot.

    Also if you are buying type FORUM in the discount coupon area to received a small discount.
  4. Yes they are. I also have them.
  5. This post makes me want to buy a set of braided lines now!
    Is there a difference in quality feel compared to other braided lines?

    This seems to have expired do you know of any other coupon or where I should look? Thanks
  6. I just put an order for a set! Woo Hoo!...
    Thanks for the tip about getting the discount stellio78.
    It saved me $25 so I'm only paying $101 for it delivered.
  7. How long did it take to get delivered?
  8. Mine took about 2 weeks to arrive from ordering but when I went to fit them John had sent me the wrong thread pitched banjo bolts, so watch out for that.

    He has sent me the correct ones now and I'm just wanting to get some time to finish fitting them.
  9. Just noticed an ad in Amcn year book for Hel braided lines for $240. That's a nice $139 saving. Very nice again for the heads up gavinl about these and stellio78 for the discount.
  10. I have a similar set and found the head on one of the banjo bolts was too small to create a proper seal. I tightened it with a proper torque wrench (correctly set) and the bolt split. :-s
    I'm currently using it with the original banjo bolts which have a wider head.
  11. Been looking at getting a kit for my k7 gixxer for a while but the $240 asking price from hel performance prevented me. $100 from CMS, and I'm sold. Cheers for the find and coupon code.
  12. Fitted them, lengths were spot on and pretty easy to do.


    Photos here
  13. So my lines are finally fitted after a few issues, first the banjo bolts where the incorrect thread pitch and then the front lines where too tight.

    But the customer support was great from John and he sorted out the problems without a fuss.