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Hel braided lines from the UK question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OscarA, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and gals I think I might have wasted some money. I got myself a set of Hel braided lines for my bike and the site I got them from stated they are FMVSS-106, ADR, LTSA, DOT and TUV approved. So no worries I figure and I go ahead with the purchase expecting them to come with the relevant stamps depending on which country they are being sent to. I just received the package and no stamps anywhere.
    Are these legal in Australia and if not then they are not ADR approved as the site claims. Is there any link or anyone I can ring to ask the question. I will not be using these until I'm 100% sure I can.
    You'ld think by age 42 I wouldn't be making these stupid mistakes, I should have emailed and asked if they came stamped.
    God I'm so pissed with myself right now:censored:

  2. They will work the same, with or without a magical stamp of approval...Hel is one of the premium brands and has a very good reputation.

    In all seriousness, all I have ever seen is a little band of plastic with some numbers stamped on it at one end of a line...

    Most plod wouldn't know the difference anyway
  3. Yeah figured that might be the case as they do have Hel branding on them but it's the insurance I'm worried about. I don't want anything risking a claim being rejected.
  4. Braided lines have always been a problem if fitted after market regardless of what the line manufacturers claim.

    Cops turn a blind eye, mostly because of ignorance and those that do know, know it doesn't matter. Only if a cop is trying to get you for something will it matter.

    Fit them and ride is my advise.
  5. Do this. I did, no trouble yet.

    The only other thing I can forsee is failing a roadworthy when selling the bike, but that would depend on the inspector...
  6. The law was changed and as long as the line meets FMVSS or similar (DOT?) standards it is legal in Aus now.
  7. Oh, and my HEL lines that I bought in Australia have FMVSS printed on the rubber banjo cover in faint text. Apparently that's enough.
  8. Put the lines on, just keep the stocks incase the person that does a roadworthy later on is a prick.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll put them one as I'm confident they are fine (reliability wise) my only issue was will these void an insurance claim?
    I should have spent the extra $100 odd bucks and bought Hel from an Australian supplier.
    Mine have nothing stamped or printed anywhere except for the word Hel yet the site says they are ADR compliant!!
  10. Does the brake line have a rubber fitting behind then banjo fitting? If it does than it will comply with adr. If it does have the rubber fitting try emailing hel asking why there isnt any label on the lines to show it meets fmvss-106. If it doesnt have the rubber fitting then it wont pass adr as it will fail the whip test.
  11. Lines are no longer required to satisfy ADR 7. Brake line requirements are now contained in (IIRC) ADR 42 which lists a variety of SAE, BS, JIS and other Standards which are deemed acceptable and which may or may not include a whip test.
  12. I just ordered a set of lines for my Hornet. I had the option of paying an extra $9 for ADR which i did. Did you tick that option?
  13. www.superbikesupply.com.au has Hel lines very reasonably priced for those considering buying.

    *takes large bag with dollars sign on it from Superbike Supply representative*