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Heinous - training kids to be helmetless

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. It's an outrage, a travesty no less!!

    One of the worlds largest manufacturer's, openly inciting and encouraging kids to ride without helmets - even before they get onto the asphault.


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  2. an electric ride on desmo.............
    i want one,
    actually scrap that....

    i want a son/daughter that i can buy this for, and see the smile as they ride on it.
    imitating their father.... now that would be awesome
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  3. I wouldn't say it's saying to ride without on but it's not enforcing it either. It's the law in Australia anyway, you ride without one you're an idiot and shouldn't be riding and should be able to deal with the consequences of riding without a helmet.
  4. yep messy and bug infested hair :p
  5. That absolutley shits on anything I got as a kid.
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  6. You got given things as a kid? HAH!!! Luxury!

    The poster shows pretty poor judgement on Ducati's part. I can't see how it could possibly have gone into circulation without anyone raising a red flag.
  7. It's Italian. I wouldn't be surprised if the pictures on the back of the box show the kid with a glass of wine and a cigarette.
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  8. nope that would be france
  9. It's not just France. There's a reason Ducati has ties with tobacco and wine companies.
  10. If this is anything to go by then only Australia and New Zealand actively enforce Bicycle Helmet laws.

    A lot of countries don't have them and if they do it's mainly for children, under 13, under 15 or under 18 depending on the country but not much enforcement.

    Ducati - Italian - no need for bicycle helmets so as far as they are concerned it's no drama......


    The wearing of bicycle helmets, and attitudes towards their use vary around the world. Compulsory use of helmets has often been proposed and is the subject of much dispute (see Bicycle helmet laws), based largely on considerations of overall public health. Only two countries (Australia and New Zealand) currently require and enforce universal use of helmets by cyclists. In some other jurisdictions, partial rules apply - for children, in certain states or sub-national areas, or under other limited conditions.[1]
  11. they needed to have the kid on the bike with out a helmet otherwise you would not be able to immediately recognise the fact that it is a childs toy.

    until you look closely you cant really tell its not just a person riding a desmo, there is nothing to compare the size too.

    Bad move but to be honest there were not many other alternatives.
  12. A couple of points regarding this very disturbing issue....

    Let me say this..it's packaging. If you honestly believe the images displayed on packaging then you don't need a helmet as you're already brain damaged.
    Other countries do not the same helmet laws as us. Let's not push our nanny state ethos on to other cultures. We don't like it when it happens to us.
    The pic is obviously photoshoped. The kid was sitting on a bike on a stand in a studio. The stand was photoshoped out and bike was placed on the background.
    The thing probably only goes as fast as a todlers tricycle on a sloping driveway.
    Even if the kid had a helmet on someone would still whinge that he wasn't wearing gloves, leather jacket, fluro vest, kevlar jeans, neck brace, back protector, body armour and calve length boots.
    There's possibly could be a safety warning on the pack somewhere.
    There's possibly a little sticker that says.."Serving Suggestion Only"
  13. Get your logic out of this forum.
  14. I'm more concerned by the price; 2,699 whatever's is going to be expensive, not matter what the 'whatever' is :LOL:
  15. What I find most disturbing about this is that someone seriously objects to it.

    For fcks sakes it's a kids toy, I suppose you want kids to wear a helmet when they are riding those push-a-long bikes.
  16. Its a duc....Just wait for the "belt" service.

    I remember reading somewhere that if you do more risky activities when you are young you will tend to do them when you are old. So all this mollycoddling will make them less likely to become motorcyclists when they grow up.
  17. Actually, given it's a Ducati and 'runs' on electricity it won't work anyway.
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  18. Maybe that is why he doesn't need a helmet.
  19. hahahaha, he's pushing down the drive way trying to 'bump' start it.

    Been there done that....fucking battery eating Ducati piece of shit.
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  20. #20 Ljiljan, Jul 30, 2012
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    They do what now? Only once had a cop bother to yell at me from his window about it. Didn't even stop.