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Height based un-restriction riding in SA?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Owen, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Has anyone heard about the whole "if youre 6'5" then you can go unrestricted straight away once you are on your R-date licence" ?

    I got told about it by a random guy at the shop where i work. He said you just need to get a doctors certificate to prove that you are that height (and that your boots and helmet are also included in the measurement), hence anyone with a natural height of 6' could be 6'5" with boots and helmet.

    ..Or is this all just a load of poo? :)

    Maybe its SA only?

  2. Yeah I can't say that I have ever heard of it, it sounds like a load of bollock, still that from the NSW angle. Still if it is legit I am sure we will see a migration of tall riders to the great southern state. :)
  3. have to also be over 100 kilos from what i've heard... but yeah, I've heard of a similar sort of deal going around. But now that LAMS is in SA, I think that goes out the window, as it was aimed at guys that were just way to big for a 250. imagine 6 foot 5 and 100 kilos on a cbr 250...

  4. bye bye suspension! lol
  5. I got my licence in SA a couple of years ago and I was told the only dispensation was for weight - and it started at about 120kg. I'm 105-110kg and I certainly wasn't eligible, hence getting a VTR250.
  6. pfff you could of just drank a shitload of water and got your self to 120kg!
    NOTE : you can replace water with beer if you like
  7. I'm pretty sure that now LAMS is in existance, this law no longer applies