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Height and motorbikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dj Steve, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. hi guys.
    I'm gettin my learners in a month and i want to get an aprilia rs 125cc.
    My question is whether or not height matters with motorbikes?
    i'm around 190cm maybe less hahaha so im fairly tall. Also are there any sites that explain how to maintain bikes, ie: the aprilia in particular.
    Any suggestions please.
    Thanx heaps

  2. Sit on the bike and see how it feels, 190cm on a RS125 may be a bit small, but I've neer sat on one

    This site has over 18,000 posts on the RS125, sure one or two of them will cover maintenace issues http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/
  3. Height matters dude !

    You'll have cagers whistling to you . . toot too to too loo toot toot (the clown theme) at traffic stops ! :LOL:

    Seriously, you'll feel cramped and uncomfortable on a RS125.
  4. You have the problem of being over 6' tall. I don't know what it is, but it seems to be the magical number you start having to worry about things.

    I myself am 187cm tall, i share your pain, but all is not lost, i can fit on a cbr250r, but not a cbr250rr. The best thing to do is get out there and sit on bikes, i also found the gpx250 and zzr250 comfy, the accross comfy, and almost all the cruisers uncomfy but spacey.
  5. hahahahahaha.
    I've sat on the aprilia, but yeah i just don't know hahaha it's strange. i've sat on the cbr250, it's just heavier i couldnt tell whether it was larger. would make sense though ahhaaha.
    Would anyone know whether they make the bikes in a larger size maybe?
    Thanx for all your reply's to much appreciated.
  6. A Rs125 on max preload is taller then my RGV on mid preload.
    My good mate rides on, he is over 6 foot. And gets around pretty damn well on the track and road.
    comfort wise not too sure.
    Its a good bike the little 125, pretty quick too.
  7. The hyosungs are bigger 250's, also hornet 250's are big 250's, cbr250r are more upright then cbr250rr, vtr250's are comfort kings apparently, gpx250's and zzr250's are rather upright, suzuki across' are fairly big as well, AND you can carry heaps with them.

    Its not that the cbr250 is heavy, its that the rs125 is _LIGHT_ as a feather.

    Honestly, you cant go wrong witha gpx250 or a zzr250, great newbie faired bikes.

    BTW which state are you in, if its Vic, you could have lams soon, which might be worth waiting for so you could nab a gs500f or something.
  8. yeah im in melb victoria.
    I tried out the cbr250r and the rr, but i definately like aprilia. Mainly because it's italian made lol. Through the forums i've seen and the goss is pretty much all leanin towards aprilia bein a better make than honda, kawasaki etc.
    I'm obviously new to bikes and know close to nothing about them besides riding them. I've got no idea whats meant by max/min preload on the bike as mentioned above?
    Cheers every1.
  9. Firstly, lams will give you the ability to have motorbikes bigger then 250cc, that have a certain power/weight ratio. This introduces a whole bunch of bikes previously limited to you.

    Secondly, an aprilia rs125 is quite a quick bike when you can hold it in its power band. It is a 2 stroke, which means a top end rebuild every 15000kms or so (however this is relatively cheap compared to a top end rebuild on a 4 stroke, which don't need them frequently at all). Yes it is better quality then a cbr250rr, but only because you are comparing a 2006/7 design with a 1989 design.

    Thirdly, dont forget you are new to bikes, I really do recommend getting a second hand bike, learn to service it yourself, learn to do it all yourself, and then when you do move up and get a big bike, you can tell when the shops do it wrong, or miss something. And you will probably drop it, whilst spare bits for cbrs gpx's and zzr's are easy to find, rs125's might be a bit trickier.

    Fourthly, adjustable preload is a suspension feature on some bikes that allows you to change how much pressure is already on the springs. When you change the preload, the springs might already be pushed down an inch or so, and that will make the bike shorter. Natta was trying to say when the rs125 is on its shortest setting, its still taller then his rgv on its mid height setting.

    Honestly, if you love the rs125, go for it. If you aren't going to commute on it, just ride it around on the weekends and trackdays, its a great bike.
  10. You're right about it being a magic number, but definetly not a problem.

    6' is around the minimum height to handle a lot of bikes. Modern 600's and even 1000's are getting smaller all the time, but it still takes a large frame to handle many big retro nakeds and there's no way you're getting in the seat of a big trailly if you're much under 6'.

    The only time I'm glad to be slightly above average height is because it opens up the possibility of riding whatever bikes I want, and I do like em' tall and phat.

    Try sittting on the RS125 to see if it's comfortable. Not only is it short, but it's very narrow, with a cramped stretch to the bars and pegs.

    You can ride an RS125 if you want. It will be a bit of a hassle for maintenance if you're a newbie. Not impossible, but do a google search for 2-stroke maintenance to find out what you're getting into.
    Basically you just have to top up the oil tank regularly, and periodically the engine will need rebuilding, which is pretty simple, though more expensive than owning a four-stroke.

    Anywhere other than a tight downhill mountain road, they're not the most pleasant learner bike to ride either. Only buy it if nothing else will do.
  11. Hi all,

    I learnt on a RS125, basically because I couldn't afford the RS250. I didn't find it too hard to learn on to be honest. You just have to rev it a bit more than other bikes but once you get going, its a joy to ride. Especially going into corners, its as easy as just leaning and letting the bike do all the work!

    Mind you, I am only 5"7. I don't mean to hijack your post but since I am looking to upgrade to 600cc and with my height, how much trouble do you think I will encounter on the bigger bikes?

    Cheers :grin:
  12. I am 10cm shorter than you, and I found a GPX250 was fine.