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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gemma, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. hi everyone, names gemma. im from melboure and im in love with harleys

  2. we love our harley's here at netrider - i own 6 myself, Welcome...i dont mean to be rude...but by any chance gemma - are you hot? ..oh...i just got my 7th harley...right then.

    on a unrelated note - have you got your license yet gemma? just kinda gives us a rough idea as to where your at skill/legality wise....i mean riding/license legal...not..wanna ride biatch on my 7 harley's legal.
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  3. I call shenanigans
  4. #4 87crisis, Jul 14, 2012
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    what...you don't believe i have 7 harley's?!?!?!

    i AM on my p's now..i'm a big boy !

    hey gurbachen...[media=youtube]MFZG8KQJni8[/media] just for you ;)
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  5. Love that movie, and that scene especially. But I was calling shenanigans on the OP. Come on, loving harley's? Must be a joke profile
  6. Hasn't posted since.
  7. well, that was a bit after midnight, perhaps she was out riding all day, I know I was...
  8. perhaps my 7 harley's scared her off?
  9. Maybe she spent all night pulling a train,and is a little tired.
  10. Congratulations. That must be the first time i have seen anyone use the word 'shenanigans' for many years.

    for bonus points, try using 'scallywag'
  11. Viscera99, you new here? do a search, shenanigans is found in a few posts :)

    @87Crisis 7 Harleys, really? lol is you must have WIDE legs lol
  12. i need to be riding seven at the same time...caus...i got one for everday of the week...but i NEVER stop riding.

    that plus my wang is reaaaaallllllll small

    did i mention i own 7 harley's?
  13. maybe crisis should stay away from the women ....
  14. i'm engaged ! got my biatch a diamond....bitchez love diamonds
  15. Nope - just ignorant:D
  16. Official harley diamonds for yo biatch.
  17. 2 out of 3 ain't too bad

    Welcome in,