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Heaven or Hell??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Lizzy, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Heya,


    Me.. I got..

    You're one with Jeebas

    7% evil 93% good

    Lisa :twisted:
  2. 28% Evil

    Who would have thought that being lazy makes you more evil than a hyperactive homicidal maniac :?
  3. 36% evil 64% good

    And I'm the nice one...
  4. yeah well, sloth is one of the seven sins, killing only made it to a commandment :LOL:
  5. So if the only reason that I don't kill someone is because I couldn't be bothered makes me more evil than someone who just goes and does it... I just saw the light!

    Moral relativism is really quite bizarre!
  6. ONLY 30% evil, need to do it again
  7. BINGO! perfect reason to buy that m16 you've always wanted but never got round to grabbing :LOL:
  8. 9% Evil for me, although I reckon it should be a little more than that - some of the answers are really half-way for me.
  9. Heaven is where you'll be.

    22% evil 78% good

    As long as there is beer and girls there thats fine with me.... :D

  10. Baaah! only 19% evil... RIGGED!!

    interesting snippet from the results page....

    Out of the 734888 people who have taken this test

    21% hibernate in winter
    9% are perverted
    26% enjoy going on murderous rampages
    24% think they are god
    9% cause car crashes on purpose

    Must be rigged, only 9% are perverted???

    JJ (going off to polish his halo.....)
  11. 35% evil 65% good
  12. you're a goodie.. heaven.

    17% evil

    83% good

    :D :D :D
  13. We all know you are alot more evil than that Lil
  14. I think the test lies!

    you're a goodie.. heaven, 20% evil, 80% good :shock:
  15. Sure is gonna be lonely down there.
    I sugar coated some answers and I'm still only 23% good.

    I guess it's an improvement on my wifes opinion after Australia day.
  16. 10% evil, 90% good. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  17. err....
    51% evil and 49% good.
  18. 22% evil huh...I thought I would do better than that :twisted:
  19. you're a goodie.. heaven.

    18% evil 82% good

    but some answers half & half thou.
  20. 21% [Dr Evil]eeeevvviiiillllll[/Dr Evil]... hmm going to heaven hey? ... not too soon I hope :?