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Heatwave brings fires, blackouts - Adelaide, world's hottest city

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rustgold, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Pretty good for a city with no smell...
  2. Fizzled out. Adelaide didn't make it
  3. Because some other city pipped it at the post?
  4. We had to make 46.2 didn't get that hot.

    Plus it was 51 degrees in Oodnadatta the other day. The pussy city folk can't handle a little heat. And I'm not from Adelaide.
  5. I assumed as much from yr username.

    Speaking of which, I did see someone once (I think it might even have been one of the two NZ blokes that hosted the Curiosity Show in the 80s) use biblical references (and a little knowledge of chemistry) to demonstrate that heaven was hotter than hell...
  6. It was going to be the rapture, and I was going to start in Adelaide but then I realised there's f all there. Which is no fun, so I've postponed the rapture for another couple weeks