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Heathers new BIKE.

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. It got delivered today, and we promptly went for a ride on it, Two up, Me riding,

    Second hand 2009 250 Hyosung GV Aquila, 4500 klms on the clock, $4500-00
    with leather panniers, RWC, 6 months rego, very clean bike, nice and low, easy to ride,
    Never ridden before, I was the first to take her as a pillion, She loves being on the back of the Bird, Thats when she is awake, she keeps going to sleep on the back of my Bird.
    She got her learners last week, 4 drops and a cracked rib, but she has it now,
    she is Terrified of riding it, but with any thing new, it takes time to adjust and learn all the controls. after a few rides around the Lilydale councils back carpark, She has got her little bike going well, I am very pleased with her progress. But it will take a bit of time to get her going,

    Not bad for a 60 year old woman to take up Motorcycle riding for the first time.

    The funny thing about all this, On last Tuesday we went into Peter Stevens in Ringwood to buy a brand new 2010 Hyosung 250 cruiser, $6000-00 ride away they had the bike advertised for, She had the cash in her pocket to buy it, But they did not have one there to see or ride, they had one there a week before, she was so dissapointed that they did not have one there, she went out and bought the second hand one,
    I must admit tho, that P/S did say they would get one in for her, But not till Thursday at the earliest, they rang Saturday morning to say the bikes were there, but it was too late by then, Her bike was already on its way here,

  2. Great to hear. Hope she enjoys her ride.
  3. good work Brian, look forward to going on a ride with both of you when she's ready.
  4. Good stuff Mr and Mrs Brian.

    Hey, I might take you up on that offer to make the rear shim for the Bird in the coming months. Haven't been riding much at all, as my aging, creaking and ricketty body recoils from the cold (dunno how the likes of TonyE and others do the Icicle Ride).
  5. congrats on the 'sucessful conversion' deadman and congrats to heather too....... I hope she enjoys her ride :)

  6. good job.

    hope it goes well for her :)
  7. Purity of heart and mind keeps us warm.
  8. Congratulations to Heather, Good news Brian. :)
  9. That's all well and good if you're pure of heart and mind...
  10. Good on her.
    I hope all goes well and I wish you both many happy years riding together.
    Hey Brian, can you get her to give Mrs Finn a call please?
    She's been going to get her licence for the last two "When we get our tax cheques" if you know what I mean.
    Good luck to you both mate.
  11. Well, round and round the car park to familiarise her self with her new bike and how to operate it, not bad for a total of about 5 Klms riding all up.
    This car park crap is not going to teach her to ride, 20 klms per hour, DUHHHH.
    Down my drive first, 450 feet at 1 in 3 gradient, half of it is gravel. I sat on the back and rode it down for her, great, Rode to Chirnside Park, Via main roads, back home, she rode up the drive and actually parked it in the carport, WOW, This is great, Next day, Then down the drive and we rode to the bike shop in Dorset road. Back home, up the drive, No problems, and promptly dropped it in the carport, front brake only, hit a patch of oil on a rubber mat and slid the front wheel about 3 feet, and over it went, good experience for her to use the rear brake, Which I explained to her, She would not have dropped it if she had used her footbrake only, The front wheel would not have locked up in the oil.

    So far a total of 50 klms.

    We need more riding experience, Miles under her bum. Lots of them.

    Monday, cool but no rain. Phillip Island sounds great, Slow mountain twisties, (sweepers) Bit of suburbia, Mostly main roads, Slab to the Island, and back home before dark, Top stuff,

    will be good for her to learn all these different road conditions, and me to learn what slow is, Hahahahahaha

    Buy leather jeans for both of us, Leather Jacket for Heather, (Female Brando Jacket) Its more comfortable than the Dririder she was wearing.
    And a new Helmet for her.

    Down the drive by herself, Mt Evelyn, Monbulk, Belgrave, Narre Warren, Cranbourne, Slab to the Island, She actually got up to 100 Klms per hour, Started to bucket down 40 klms before we got to the Island. Drowned.
    Got to the Bike shop, bought our gear and then went down to the beach and had a coffee, discussed her riding and any problems she was having, sorted them out and away we went towards home, started to rain again before we got off the Island, New leather pants works wonders, Waterproof and a lot warmer than my jeans.

    Triple focused glasses and automatic tinting does not work on a motor cycle,
    You cannot ride a bike with tinted lenses or visors after dark,
    Even worse if its raining,

    Stopped just before Tooradin for a smoke and to defrost, Suddenly, Heather realizes that sitting behind me on the Bird, she didnt get cold, Hahahahahaha, Now she does, Hahahaahaha.

    Stopped in Cranbourne for Tea at a friends house, Give her a break as we were both freezing by now,
    And we still had the hills to ride through.

    Totally dark and raining again, onward we rode, She couldn't see Jackshit with her glasses, so its follow my tail light, 50 K's per hour through the hills in the pissing rain.

    Heather does not know me well enough to follow my tail light blindly yet, I have done that before, I ride to the pace of the slowest rider or bike and they sit a foot behind my tail light, because thats all they can see, My taillight, and then I have a string of bikes following me, 10 Bikes that time,
    Ten hours riding, ten inches of rain per hour, and we rode threw it,

    Get to my drive, The womans off her head, she is running off to the sides, wobbling all over the place,
    Duhh, What are you doing woman, I cant do it she says, I say hold the throttle open on about 4000 rpm and hold it there, dont back it off, NOW DO IT, I am losing the plot here.
    Away she trundles, all over the drive like you wouldnt believe, as she went around the bend, The lights looked like she had dropped it again, Damn, get the Bird fired up and ride up the drive, Here she is, sitting in the middle of the yard after the carport, I am not going to even attempt to put it in the carport, I have had enough, No problems I said, I will put them away,

    The reason she was all over the drive, She was looking just in front of her wheel, instead of up the drive to where she was going. She said, once she looked up the drive, Like I had told her too, the bike straightened up and rode up the drive with no problems, and after dropping it in the carport the night before, she wasnt all that keen to try it at night,

    She is very happy with her progress and so am, Talk about a crash course in riding a motor bike,
    She now has about 300 klms total riding under her,

    I would like to thank all the car drivers that sat patiently behind us as we trundled along the roads, and three car lengths back from the white line, Heather does not know how far it takes to brake to a stop yet,
    And not being able to take off on steep hills at intersections, I had to park the Bird in Belgrave at the roundabout So I could help her start off, That foot brake is a big problem, She just cant work it. The car behind was so patient, especially as she had rolled backwards a couple of times, Hahahahaha

    I did not have even one car beep their horn, or cut her off, They just sat behind us and went as slow as us,
    I sat just to her right and behind her a bike lenght, so she could see me in her mirrors, and it also kept the cars clear of her and so I could see what she was doing,

    She is still very keen to keep riding, even after all the crap we rode through, she has gained tremendous knowledge in just one ride, Freezing, drowned, Night riding, blindness, riding the bike, dropping the bike, glasses, gear for the wet, Helmet, Traffic, where to look when riding, riding at her pace, The whole kit and caboodle,

  12. hi to everyone who gave me "congrats" on my new machine, i luv it to bits, she's pretty cute!!!! "thanks heaps". The biggest thank u is to mr deadman, who for a start, gave me the opportunity to experience riding as a pillion on the back of the "bird" they are unexplainable, to say the least. never having been on a bike before, i guess i was a little green??? to put it mildly, what to expect.???? when doing a few rides thru the twisties, and other rides, there has only been 2 "tummy flips" on the "bird".deadman's 47 years of riding skills gave me complete confidence in his riding and my safety.
    Before I met D.M. i had decided to go for the "bike" thing. I would have taken heaps longer to have the courage to get where I am now if not for D.M. his continual passing on of his bike knowledge and his help to choose the bike, patients, disipline??? which i need, setting the bike up, helping to choose riding gear,etc,etc, etc. don't want his "head" to get to big, the lid won't fit!!!
    I need loads of practise, especially that dam foot brake, just don't get it, and i thought the gear thing would b my biggest issue??? apparently i need to "carress" it??
    Deadman's assistance in getting me home safely on our trip to phillip island was incredible as the conditions were very hard for me, as well as a little scary, he had to ride for himself in those conditions as well as do half of my riding, which he did "gallantly"
    A huge thank u mr deadman
  13. Brian is neither!!
  14. Good on you Heather and Brian.

    Good read and just goes to show that persistance pays off. Never get defeated, it all comes together. Whether you learn at 16 or 60 it's no different.

  15. Your only Jealous. Hahahahaha.