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Heathcote times Hornet 600 - MORE PICS!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by deafwish, May 8, 2006.

  1. Did my first drag day on Saturday with the WRX and Skyline club.
    I took the bike! :twisted:
    Firstly, I am not a fantastic rider, but am relatively confident on the roads.

    On my first run, I managed a 12.55 @ 112 MPH. I even beat an 05 Blade (sheer fluke! :LOL: ).
    I managed to do 6 runs and the worst time was a 15.06 as i bogged the launch.
    My best time was a 12.22 @ 111 MPH! :cool:
    I had fun and had to entertain the crowd with some burnouts, too.... :roll:
    The Blade managed an 11.30 @ 126.37 MPH.



    New pics!!

    Daz. :wink:

  2. Good work mate,

    Now all we need is HORNET 600 to post up his time....

    On my Hornet the time would be more like

    100mph @ 12min 30sec
  3. [img:800:542:a226a414a5]http://mishami.image.pbase.com/o4/07/662107/1/59738644.IMG_1048_2.jpg[/img:a226a414a5]

    :LOL: i love the open visor down the strip mate. Surely the reduction in aerodynamics by leaving it open added a .10 to your time :LOL:
  4. Congrats on what looked like a good day, Daz, and love the pics, especially the low angle shot in the pits, and the shot of you on the track, cool!

    Love to do this one day, perhaps when I've just bought a new rear tyre (and probably after getting over Jen's wedding in October :LOL: )

    Don't worry about the visor, that's more than compensated for by the removal of your rear mudguard :grin:
  5. Nah, you'd easily break the 10 min barrier. :wink:
    Sitting up to brake on the Hooner at the end of the strip is quite intimidating! :eek:
    Fun none the less!
    Anyone more experienced in drag racing bikes care to tell me if these times are competitive for a 600? :oops:
  6. awesome pics, looks like it was a fun day.

    Go the Mighty Hornet!

    ps - your pipes are dirty! :wink:
  7. No......
    Yours are just too clean! :p
    They stay nice and shiny when it sits in the garage! :LOL:
  8. :shock: :rofl:

    "Ding ding, ROOOOOUUUUNND ONE.....FIGHT!"
  9. lol - good one, i'll pay that.

    9 months & counting till I can take it out for all to see.................
  10. Now with new, much better pics! :p
  11. well done mate
    soon ill take mine to the drags as well and see what i can do with it
  12. That would be your hornet in the background wouldn't it?


    I can't show you the whole pic because there is a copyright against it...
    One of my workmates ran his WRX there on the same day
  13. Yes, that's my Hornet.
    Who's your workmate? :?
    He will most likely know me, I'm on WRX Club Committee.
  14. Where have your 599 stickers gone??
  15. I dont get the whole drag thing. I got to have a few runs for the first time about a year and a bit ago at calder with my k2 gsxr 1000 at a drag day and out of 3 runs got a best of 10.4.
    It was good getting better times then guys who had spent 100k+ on their cars without even trying or having any experience but I still didn't get much kick out of it. Couldn't have seen me spending money on lowering or extending the gixxer and going to these meets to improve a couple of seconds. That's just my opinion by the way (before anyone get offended)
  16. Night Rider.
    I changed my mind on the stickers......
    I hate rice. Made my bike look like one of those faired 'plastic fantastics'....

    Each to their own.
    It did feel good beating most of the $60K - $80K performance cars.... :cool:
  17. A bit of fun to be had doing the odd drag at a legal venue, well done :grin:
    Nice to whip the odd dude in a car !!
    I wish the gpx was up to it !!
  18. As Much as i hate to admit it, I agree with you there, Going a stright line up through the gears is flashy... But doesn't show any real finess.