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heathcote Road NSW

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Was on a ride yesterday 2 up with the misses.. was cruising along heathcote road near the shooting range and white rock doing 110 in 100, when i catch up to a douche on a Fireblade that is in the on coming traffic lane doing about 100. when a car was coming head on to him he would swerve out the way, then go back into that lane.. i got the misses to take down his number plate i pulled over to the side of the road where we called the cops...

    WTF was he doing or thinking.. blokes like him give the rest of us a bad name..

    KARMA will get him for sure...
  2. How early would he swerve out of the way?
  3. That's how they do it in Spain. Seriously. When the line markings allow them to get on the other side of the road they do. They only get back when another car is coming. Much, much closer than people in Aus do too.
  4. i would have to say about 40-50m he would swerve back into his lane.. the thing is heathcote road was quite and there was no other traffic on the road.. so there was no need for him to be on that side of the road.. 40-50m might seem like a big gap but its not when your doing 100kph
  5. Probably a guy from the Shire. Switched to the right side of the road before the designated divider with the outside world.
  6. lol i am from the shire but just moved here from brissy
  7. How far into the oncoming lane was he?
  8. damn Americans :p
  9. Hmm, if you were in your cage you couldve blocked him in :demon:

    Some people must live really boring lives.
  10. Wtf??
  11. like in the middle of the lane..

    pretty much we told the cops he was playing chicken with the cars.. [-(
  12. It's called deadman's creek for a reason.

    Speaking of outside world, I love that upon a google search of SS council it has a link to citizenship.
  13. I rode Heathcote Rd at about 11am and again at around 3:30pm. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary, had about 10 cars flash their headlights when I first went over the bridge at Woronora river but didn't see any cop cars, every third or forth car flashed there lights but I didn't see any cops.

    Saw a few nice hot rod type cars and a trike-bike also, was expecting more riders out there considering it was a nice day.
  14. i should have told use the time lol its was around the 7.30am-7.45am around that time...