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Heath Ledger is dead.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. :shock: DRUGS !! ... will we EVER learn ?
    What a fcuking waste!

    HEATH Ledger is dead.
    The 28-year-old Perth-born actor was found dead in his apartment in New York.
    The celebrity website TMZ said Ledger was found dead in his bed in one of his residences in Soho by his housekeeper at 3.35pm New York time (7.35am AEDT).
    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe it was not a crime.
    Ledger has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams. He was set to play the Joker in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight.
  2. OMG!!

    Not Heath Ledger!!
  3. What a waste, will people ever learn, drugs are bad mkay.
  4. Lets not turn this into a lesson on drugs!

    RIP poor bugger.
  5. Yep, I agree...............suspected suicide

  6. +1, found with pills all around him. Could have been Panadol for all anyone knows yet.

    Very, very sad. :(
  7. God

    Panadol ca still kill. Bloody hell, what a shock. This is the first I've heard of it. IMHO he was a really good actor.
  8. Re: God

    I know that, but it doesn't mean he was a drug addict, crack head or something, that's what I'm saying.
  9. Condolences to his family but I do have to say that if it was a "recreational drug" overdose then I have no sympathy for him at all. Only for his young daughter.

    Ive thought he was on drugs for quite some time now, just from looking at earlier pics of him and seeing him recently in magazines etc etc.
  10. Might not be drugs. Maybe god is punishing him for that queer cowboy thing.
  11. I may sound like a heartless bastard, but another movie star ODs… Can’t really get choked up. I mean yeah condolences to those who really knew him. But when you have every thing going for you, and still can’t hold it together I have limited sympathy. We don’t hear about all the Single mothers fighting to get food on the table who break down and fall into drugs, or if we do it’s all about how she is the dregs of society. Someone like that deservers more sympathy than a rich play boy who is having a bad day.
  12. Well said Falcon-Lord.
  13. condolences to him. might had pressure from the joker character he played. or maybe the gay cowboy
  14. :LOL: :LOL:
    I was thinking the same thing.
  15. what a stupid thing to say.
  16. spun me out. It appears he was crook and was self medicating, so it may well have been accidental.

    I quite liked the guy for some reason.
  17. :LOL:
  18. Ahh, gotta love speculation! What a waste of typing!

    It might have nothing to do with pills that may or may not have been beside his bed. They say he had pneumonia at the time, and I know first hand that it can be scary stuff. I had it when I was in a flat by myself in London about 5 years ago and it almost killed me!

    How about people not jump to conclusions, wait until some facts come out and then comment. If it's suicide or an OD, I'll be right at the top of the list of people condemning him, if it's not, then it's a sad loss, particularly for his family!

    Butz. :beer:
  19. +!


    shit, hey!
  20. Um Twain and Doonx...
    I think you might want to turn on your humor responce.. it appears to be stuck in the off position.
    I believe that was meant to be funny.