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Heated Handle Grips

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Cayne, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone.
    I want to buy some Heat Demons grip warmers. They consist of an element that goes inside your bars so that you can use any grip you like. Also has 4 levels of temp.

    The thing I want to know is:
    It says "not for use with alloy grips" (which is what I want to put on. I or at least rubber strips and chrome grips.)

    Do you think they have to put that warning up there incase someone burns themselves etc? or do you think it could damage the element because of it heating so much metal... or what.

    I don't really want rubber grips, I want them chrome... but I also want them heated haha, I do too many night trips or early morning trips when the cold on my hands it unbearable.

    So what do you guys think. Just ignore the warning, get the chrome grips, be careful and see how long they last. Or buy rubber and chrome as a middle ground. I just eat a spoon of concrete, and deal with the cold chrome, its all about aesthetics anyway right? :grin:

    haha. SO yeh, any of you guys got any experience with heated grips, and I would especially like to know about your chrome heated grips if you have them.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated guys.

    Cheers :cool:
  2. I have Oxford Heated grips on my 109, and would not be without em.

    A whole lot easier to use the brake and clutch if your hands work!.

    I use their std rubber grips, and have no experience with chrome grips and heated grips.

    I reckon they are almost a safety feature in winter!.
  3. Agreed. I have the Oxfords too. Cheap to buy, relatively easy to install. Once you've used them you'll wonder how you ever did without.