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Heated Handgrips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by austy, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Evening :)

    I'm contemplating the idea of heated handgrips and am chasing some insight. Can anyone recommend a make/model they've used and are happy with? Has anyone made their own?

    After a quick google, there seems to be three types - (a) a long wire wound around the bars with handle fitted over the top, (b) a heat film wrapped around the bars with handle fitted over the top, and, (c) rubber mouled grips with wire already installed.

    The bike in question is an 09 XVS650A, and I'd like to (fingers crossed) keep the original grips, or something similar with chromed caps. I'm not sure how heat-conductive the current grips would be though...



  2. oxford hot grips
    use them when it gets cold all the time
  3. Love my Oxfords!!
  4. Another tick for oxfords,
    Just came back from a rally in mildura and they were heaven sent
  5. Great, thanks for that :)

    I've been using a pair of liners, with a pair of spidi winter gloves... but there's nothing worse than that sting that almost burns through the ends of your fingers (not to mention the ice build-up that occurs on the colder mornings!)

    I'll check out what price my local dealer can do. Failing that, ebay??


  6. When I was looking for a set for my latest bike, I couldn't find them on ebay at all.

    Got them at my local dealer for $129.00 which is what I paid when I bought my last set more than 2 years ago, so...
  7. $115 at bikemart in ringwood with the netrider membership card.
  8. After the -5 ride to work this morning and frozen finger tips, I ordered a set of Oxford heated grips for $129 From BikeBiz. Will have a crack at installing myself, shouldn't be too hard. Hope they don't take too long to turn up.
  9. ive seen on another bike, somethign that tapes over the actual handle grip. It didnt look like a custom job, like a product that could be bought. wonder if it slipped when you tried to give it some juice.....
  10. My throttle grip is not as warm as the clutch side and I expect it to stop working soon. I have not looked at it yet but suspect the wire will be broken from twisting the throttle. They only lasted about 20,000km so I am not happy.
  11. Oxford may well be the best heated grip manufacturer out there and they aren’t that good. That's why I'm in two minds as to wether or not to get heated grips. :?
  12. my last set lasted 50 thou before the wire snapped.....but i reckon they are great can't wait to 2 another set back on the bike
  13. I love heated handgrips. I had factory ones on my Triumph (totally reliable) and I've got factory ones on my Moto Guzzi norge (been reliable so far).

    I had the bike shop fit a set of Oxford heated grips to my Bandit and they worked very well until they didn't.

    The big problem was it was only about 12000 kms before the control box failed, leaving the grips running on maximum.

    When I enquired I was told 2 things; first that they were out of warranty and second that it wasn't possible to buy the control box as a separate unit and I'd have to replace the entire lot.

    So yes... they work very well but I have some questions about their reliability (and their spare parts backup).
  14. Ouch :shock:

    Did you ride it back to shop with asbestos gloves on?
  15. Actually the control box failed when I was riding the Icicle ride 2 years back and I was in the dark a couple of hundred kilometres from home.

    I was wearing winter gloves and due to the very low temperatures I didn't realize how hot the grips were actually getting (it was very uncomfortable but didn't feel burning hot, probably due to the fact that the back of my hands were freezing cold).

    I woke up next morning to burnt hands, took quite some time to fully heal too.

    It turns out that there is a link in the line that you can unclip to disable them and I did that before I rode the bike to the shop to get them checked out.