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Heated handgrips - my installation

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kaos, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Gday all, just finished installing my heated handgrips today, thought i might share a few piccies. Quality of pics isnt so good, its night and my camera is on a pension and just got back from the pokies so its a little 'broke'.

    Pic of the grip with wire coming from the outer rim of grip. As i discovered after gluing grip on, the wire bends a little at full right lock, but this doesnt affect anything as i never have it at that lock.

    Pic of both grips installed on bars. I really do like these grips, not only because they heat up (duh), but they are significantly thicker in diameter than my old grips. This stops my hand bloody cramping and feels a lot better. Reminds me of simpson quote "Your fingers are too fat. To order a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm now"

    This is my install of the relay. I used a relay as suggested to make sure grips are not on when ignition is not on. I tapped into the ignition power wire, cut it and crimped an extra wire on which runs to relay.
    The relay is a groovy fused relay that has a built in automotive blade fuse socket. Nice, neat, compact and cable tied.

    Heres a pic of the switch which i mounted below the speedo. Usually there is no place to fit the switch under the dash like i wanted, so i removed the fairings, and welded a small bit of pipe to the side of it so i could attatch switch. Then enamelled it black.

    Heres another pic of grips. I also welded up end as to protect from water. It is a bit of a pain to get at switch, but its not like i have to keep switching it on and off constantly like indicator so its great where it is.

    Man do they get toasty too, feels goood!
    Discovered while horn wasnt working too, the wire became loose and kept getting crushed between the steering stops.
    Also liquid steeled up the small hole in clutch cover from my off a few months or three ago. Seems to have worked a treat.

    Thanks to glitch_oz too for supplying grips and suggestions.
  2. Hey, I have a set of those in the garage! Wanna come up here and install mine???
  3. Good post, I was thinking about getting heated grips. I'll think a bit harder now.
  4. Neat! :) Sounds like everything is working fine, just don't forget: Start-position for 3 mins MAX. high/low after that.
  5. Glitch, do you know anywhere that installs the grips? I don't really want to mess up the wiring of the R6 trying to install them myself...
  6. you can't be serious? heated hand grips on an R6... :roll:
    if i knew where you lived i'd come over and biatch slap you :LOL:
  7. It really isn't that hard. The only time you have to tap into the bike's wiring is the ignition-switched positive going into the relais, the rest of the wiring is added.
    Cleanest way to do that is not to cut the wire but using one of the little crimp-blocks (Repco/Bursons/etc), which literally "tap" the original wire via a tiny, slotted "blade" which cuts through the insulation of the original as well as the tap-wire. It's removable too (use tape to insulate the "cut").

    It's a fiddly job, in most cases the fairings/tank/dashpanel etc have to be removed for access to get clean cable-runs etc. but it's not hard. Takes about 1/2 day all up, depending on bike.
    To answer the question diectly: No, don't know anyone (bike-workshops have proven hopeless so far, car-electricians would be better)
    If you get stuck, pm/email me.
  8. Try a pair, then post again :p :p :p
  9. I thought they would look more hidious than that , but they look fine . Nice job.
  10. not a chance! I'd rather freeze my hands off than be a pansy with heated hand grips on a sports bike :p
  11. Do you mean pansy or stupid?? They are without a doubt one of the best inventions ever to grace motorcycles. I don't call wanting to keep your hands warm, which in turn helps warm the rest of you, being a pansy. I call it smart. Not only does it keep you nice and warm but it aids the reflexes/strength in your hands. We all know how stiff and weak your hands can feel on a cold cold morning at the footy, struggling to hold on to your trembling coffee mug.

    By heating your hands your know your hands will react correctly and to the optimum and by keeping yourself warm you are helping to yourself attentive and alert rather than concentrating on how cold you are.

    *I fart in your general direction you poser*
  12. I'm doing mine tomorrow, starting midday'ish. Your welcome to come and join me in the garage and we'll do them together. 3rd or 4th time I've either watched them done, or done them myself.
  13. It's ridden at least 70kms a day; rain, hail, and shine. It's ridden in the hills on freezing weekend mornings in the middle of winter, it's doing the icicle ride tomorrow.

    Your profile mentions lots of winter sports, why is the desire for heated grips hard for you to comprehend?
  14. Why not just get a decent bike in the first place..

    A good ol GTR all weather , just reverse the bottom fins in winter, and you can almost ride in a t shirt and shorts once the bike warms up :)
  15. I did, I just would like to maintain feeling in my fingers occasionally ;)
  16. :shock: Man i never again use those blade crimp bits again, ive had them fail on me so many times from vibration causing them to cut right thru the wires, not to mention intermittant contacts, etc...
    These days there may be a decent design that you use, havent looked in a while
  17. Probably a fair-weather rider, that doesn't take the bike out in cold weather so the need for heated grips isn't there.

    Either that or a sad, try-hard macho type.


    We've got heated grips on the Blade as Cat is a cold-blooded woman, but I don't have any of the Storm. Thought about it but I don't like the extra bulk of the grips. :?
  18. Dead-right there....about the old style (or picking the wrong size for the job). Been using the newer (sold under the Narva brand) ones, they come in 3 sizes depending on cable-diameter you're working with and never had a problem with those.
  19. looks good mate,thanks for the post.have u got prices???