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heated hand grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by madman853, May 2, 2006.

  1. hey guys.

    a friend of mine is considering getting these on his bike cos its starting to get cold, i've never used them before so can't really comment on how good they are, does anyone here have them? or if anyone has recently installed some aftermarket ones on their bike can you please give me some advise on what brand, how much and where you got them from?

  2. There's been a bit of discussion about this,
    try here.
  3. i don't do the buying off the internet thing. does anyone have any suggestions as to what bike shops have good deals going on them at the moment?
  4. Yes there is a bike shop in..........

    Ummm, I'm going to take a stab and say in Hobart.

  5. sorry man, guess i kinda deserved that!
    i'm in the inner sth eastern suburbs of Melb
  6. heated hand grips are for pansys, tell your friend to be a man not a mouse..
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  8. Sure sure a "friend of mine" :p

    I would love to get them on my bike it is bloody cold, having said that I get cold on the top of hands ie exposed to the wind so do they really work?
  9. slammer, i agree with you, i wouldn't get them, i just wear winter gloves.

    Dodgy, do they fit all bikes? he rides a 95 model ZX6R. PM me your details and i will pass them on

    Matti, your a smartass! as i said above i just wear winter gloves :wink:

    So has anyone else had any recently installed?
  10. Damn fine idea, why don't you go for a rigid rear end and a crash gearbox as well, and get the full macho experience? Anybody who arrives with warm hands after a 300k winter ride is a pooftah...............
  11. Too right! :wink:
  12. I try :grin:
  13. Yep i use them all through winter (i live in the nsw southern highlands)
    paid $130 and fitted them myself.
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    They work a treat and you can just use summer gloves and still have warm hands.
  14. madman, can I suggest you have a look at ---> this thread
  15. thanks Doonks.
    can't make it tonight tho, i'm playing squash with some work mates.
    just my luck...
  16. heated hand grips are for chumps, tell your friend he rides a frigging sports bike, they are make for sports riding. if he wants something comfortable tell him to trade it in for a goldwing.

    I bet he's one of those chapel street posers
  17. So what I'm hearing is that a sports bike is meant to be uncomfotable by nature? And if you want to be comfortable while riding one, this makes you a a chump or a poser?

    Dont your hands get cold in winter? Riding a bike can be a dangerous thing at most times, let alone while your fatigued from cold and unable to operate your hand controls in a timely fashion! But let me guess, this does not happen to you, right? :roll:
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  19. I found the heated hand grips were great around Phillip Island yesterday. I had my thermals on but chose to stick with the race gloves rather than wet weather gloves; slightly better "feel". :grin:
  20. Obviously a summer-only fair weather rider there... :p :p