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Heated Hand Grips?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CodeBlueChick, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Winter is waaaaaay too fast approaching and I've been thinking about heated handgrips ever since the first winter I had on my bike and still havent gotten around to it :roll: :D

    Whats people's opinions, recommendations or horror stories with heated handgrips? :D
  2. Surely some good insulated gloves would have to work better then a heated grip wouldn't they?

    I used to work in a -30 degree freezer loading ice-cream and had no problems with the hands freezing. Wore a thin pair of cotton gloves underneath my work gloves, found that helped keep you warm and toasty.
  3. Heated hand grips????????? what the????? You full body is exposed to winter, I don't see how heated handgrips can help. You will be wearing gloves anywhay, and that will stop warmth to your hands.

    Make sure that seat heater is working properly, and yeah rear demister too :LOL:
  4. Why stop there , get a heated seat , heated liner for the helmet ... A good set of winter gloves do the job..
  5. even with the thickest thinsulate winter gloves on, commuting on cold mornings can see the tips of your fingers go numb, heated grips can help with this, although they can be expensive.

    If you dont mind looking like a dag, those big insulated pocket things that hang over your handle bars work a treat, most couriers use them (without gloves) in the winter. They stop the cold wind and rain which is the real reason your hands freeze.

    Even some humble grip shield thingies will do the job.
  6. A friend of mine has them on her Monster and swears by them. However she was asked to remove them at scrutineering at SBK school, as there were queries as to whether the throttle was freely returning to idle postion. Proper fitment is essential.
  7. I have heated grips on my bike. They work fine if I want to keep the palms of my hands warm, but the top of my hand that's constantly exposed to the air gets cold. If it's fairly cold, my hands eventually get cold even with the grips turned on. But then again, I feel the cold quickly so that doesn't help my cause.

    I've always wondered if a set of air deflectors, similar to what's used on dirt bikes, would help to keep my hands warm-ish. They'd probably look funy on a ZZ-R1100. :)

    I figure what's required is a set of gloves which are thin-ish in the palm area, so feel isn't lost, but thick or multi-layered over the top of the hand.
  8. I've installed Bark busters on my bike and they do deflect the wind.
    If its snowing or I'm in driving rain I use Crumpler Bags (as the couriers use) over the top.
  9. thats what those thingies are called :LOL:
  10. I've had headted handgrips on two bikes now and swear by them. They make such a difference to the winter commute. :D
  11. Theres absolutely no reason to have heated grips on a motorcycle,

    At least not until you've had heated grips on a motorcycle, then you won't go without em.
  12. I have Alpine Star waterproof wintergloves.. but even then my hands get so cold that I don't think I could emergecny brake effectively if I needed to. So I end up stopping alot more to warm up. I could get even thicker gloves I suppose, but was looking at the alternatives :)
  13. If that will keep u warmer then go for it . As i say , i have a gr8 winter gloves . I also wear a balaclava and have my thermals under my leathers . The only thing that gets cold is my neck but i cant wear a neck warmer , to constrictive.
  14. exactly what i was thinking :LOL:
  15. I have a pair of "muffs" over my handle bars (those insulated pocket things) in winter and I swear by them, who gives a %*#@ what they look like, my hands stay warm and dry in a pair of summer gloves no matter how wet or cold or both.
  16. Interesting replies!
    I finally gave in and put heated grips on my 98 VFR800 last winter. Wouldnt be without them now.
    The kit i used was recommended by brian at Bikemart and cost about $50 with discount, easy to fit, high heat for starting off and low heat for travelling. Why wouldnt you!
  17. I had heated handgrips on my previous bike. My current bike doesn't have them, and I miss them!

    Advantages -
    Enables use gloves with thinner palms (say intermediate gloves), and avoid the poor control of very thick bulky winter gloves.

    They don't just heat your hands they raise your core body temperture when it is very very cold because the heat from the gloves helps is partially transferred to other parts of your body.

    This has been tested and shows a core temperature increase when using identical protective gear in very cold conditions. There are 2 competing theories, first is that the blood flow through the hands transfers some of the heat to other parts of the body, the second is that by not having to heat the high heat loss extremities ones body can use what heat is does make to keep the core temperature up (that seems more likely to me).

    Either way the fact is that using heated grips adds heat energy to the rider, whereas extra insulation can only preserve what heat is already there.

    _Strongly_ recommended, but get a good kit and don't get one without 2 heat settings.
  18. I do a lot of my riding at night and I swear by my heated handgrips - they came standard on my bike and I am so thankful for them - especially when it is wet...
  19. do these kit work for sports bikes??