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Heated Hand Grips - The Postscipt

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Well bugger me, after all this talk about heated hand-grips my RH one packed up this morning! My left hand was all warm and toasty, and my right was freezing cold...Booo Hooo

    So, since the Victoria Park Home for Expensive German Motorcycles was on my route to work, I though I'd drop in and (a) blast the crap out of them for their unreliable heated grips, and (b) make a warranty claim.

    Well first (a) went embarrasingly wrong....I had one of those plastic clip-on wrist rest thingys on the throttle for long trips, and bugger me if it hadn't broken the heating wires as it twisted on the grip. Round 1 to Herr BMW.

    Given the self inflicted nature of the problem (b) was also looking a bit unlikely, so I was gobsmacked when Mr BMW said "it's ok we'll cover it anyway, customer satisfaction is important to us, take this loaner K1200S."

    Well, bugger me, if that's not an un-australian attitude what is eh....Kraut bastards come over here with their mamby-pamby "customer satisfaction" bullshit.....I ask you what's wrong with a good old Aussie "Get farked it's outta warranty" or ", "We can give you a new one in exchange for your first born child", or " Oooh that's a difficult to get part that one, made by hand on the thighs of dusky maidens that....gonna be exxy".

    Anyway...round 2 to the friggin jackbooted bastards eh....now where's that medication....
  2. So - when do we get a report on the K1200S :LOL:
  3. I've only done about 10k's in crawling traffic so far. I intend to go home the (very) long way tonight and give it a good 'evaluation'. Initial impressions are very, very, smooth and a riding position that is not too radical for comfort on long rides. I think the road from Kalamunda to Mundaring beckons. I have it until 1pm tomorrow when they close, and I'm going to use every available minute. I must be honest though I am not a fan of the 'K' bikes at all, I appreciate them technically, but I just like the lope and vibe of the 'R' bikes.
  4. JUst recently bought a new VW. Door locks got a wiring problem... they fixed it on the weekend when not normally open... yep they opened the workshop just for me. Not sure i'd ever find a Holden dealer do that???

    Euopean companies seem to do a lot more customer service than local ones... maybe because they actually need to wirk for your business rather than the ausiies who think you'll just buy from them anyway

    Good news about he grips... definately considering having to get some for my 1st bike...... was -2 this morning in the garage
  5. A Holden or a Ford dealer would firstly deny the problem even existed. then after you nagged them enough they would take the car for a day and then tell you they couldn't find anything.

    Then after you berated them some more they would take it again, then not ring you to tell you it's ready to pick up. When you ring them you will here them scuffling off in the background, to start looking at your car, because they could'nt be bothered looking at it all day.

    Then, IF they fix it this time, when you get there, they will try to tell you it's normal wear and tear and charge you accordingly.

    Then in a weeks time it will break again.

    People are quick to be critical of Korean brands, but they've got nothing on Australia.