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Heated Grips?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tomgir, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. So I went for a late evening ride throught the hills N of Melbourne tonight, and I was enjoying it so much that I stayed out a little longer than I planned.. On my... Rather long ride back home, my hands froze! I've been thinking of installing some heated grips on my bike (88 FJ1200). Anyone done this aftermarket? Recomend a good brand/place to buy them? And do they make the difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Search is your friend.

    Oxfords are hard to go past.
  3. You can get 2 types. The ready made integrated grip (you replace your current grips) like the oxfords, and, the type that stick to your bars under your current grips.
    You will find an old thread from last year that discussed the oxfords. The only criticism, from a few riders, was that they were not as "grippy" as their originals.
    Having read that thread, i went for the under grip ones. They are like the stick on rear demisters you used to get for cars. I think the brand was VSM. I have no complaints they work a treat. If i did them on another bike though i would put insulating material under the left one. Because the right is on the plastic throttle casing it tends to get a little warmer than the left.
    On pricing the VSM were $55 and the oxfords $120.

    Thoroughly recommend for winter riding - hands are always toasty.
  4. Just be a little carefull with the oxfords as between me and kazz 3 swithches have been fualty in a 12 month period :shock: although they have been replaced under warranty :grin:
  5. I had saito grips once - complete malfunction and the grippiness of the grips absolutely totally sucked.

    I have no complaints about the grippiness of the Oxford grips, but experiences like Z900's are a bit more common than a company like Oxford should allow! So far, I'm two for two fully functioning and totally satisfisfactorily performing OEM replacement Oxford grips.
  6. Yep, placed the stick on pads under my grips as well.
    Just got back from Hotham and they worked a treat! As mentioned before, the only problem encountered was that the left pad, which sits straight on thde metal handlebars, doesn't heat up as much as the right, due to heat transfer to the bar.
    I would like to get some insulation under it, but am looking for suggestions of what to use before wrestling with the handle again. It was a bit of hard work getting them off! :mad:

    Any suggestions?

  7. I'd recommend Oxford ones... they are awesome! I currently have Rivet ones on my bike and they are kinda crap... gonna replace them with Oxford ones for those -6 mornings coming up :shock:
  8. A lot of guys in the US swear by teh MX style hand guards on their bikes in winter, if it will work on your bike re fairing clearances.

    Regards, Andrew.