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Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dan, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Once the realm of BMW crusiers only, heated grips are become more and more popular as an aftermarket add-on to many bikes.

    Although some add-ons can be a bit messy, this article looks interested.


    They have used snowmobile heated grips of all things, which go inside the handle bar under the grips and radiate heat outwards.

    Quite a neat install on a Ducati monster.

    Anyone else fitted heated grips? Are they worth it? I longed for some when I live in Vic, don't have much use for them up here though.

  2. I dont get heated handgrips. Whats wrong with a good pair of well insulated waterproof gloves? My winter gloaves cost bout $60, are thinsulated, hipora and kevlar constructed. Much easier and cheaper than heated hand grips.
  3. yeah it does sound a bit suss -

    if it was OK to drill, they would have perforated the handlebars to reduce weight. :D
  4. i've got a pair of those thinsulate kevlar/cordura gloves and even with inners, the last part of trip down to the farm in Vic at 9pm at night was too much for my hands.
  5. Whats wrong with waiting for the next time you stop and just sticking your hands down near the engine? Then again, i must admit, once my hands go numb i dont really care :) . Would you need heated grips in surfers?
  6. as i said in my first post, I wouldn't need them much up here... but boy howdy did I want them in Vic some days.

    then again i have got girly office worker hands :LOL:
  7. Cause Cowboy, sometimes even those super duper wizz bang gloves just don't cut it..... :)
  8. must be cold near Butt F@#k Idaho :D
  9. I fitted a set of the oxford hated grips to my old zx9(have 04 gs adv now come standard)was best thing ever did! 65k each way commute during winter even with dririder highlanders hands still froze- reckon evry bike should have em
  10. A friend bought a DL650 in winter last year, did a couple of trips then took it straight back to the dealer and got heated grips and hand protectors fitted.

    he found his gloves and the protectors were more than enough, he doesn't use the heated grips anymore.

  11. I commute every day; rain, hail, snow, and bloody freezing. They make a BIG difference and I wouldn't have/own a bike for too long without having them fitted.
  12. I bought the newtronics grips from fox-com (http://www.fox-com.com.au/hg-22.php). Located in Greenvale, Vic.

    When its less than 10 degrees and you ride for 45mins to work at 5am its a nice little luxury to have. Having the grips through last winter I would not go without them now.