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Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Aly, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I did a search and expected a lot of results for this question but didn't really find much. If I'm just being stupid and its all there...point me in the right direction.

    I was wondering if there is a particular brand people recommend for heated grips?

  2. I've fitted Oxford grips to plenty of bikes. (some you know!)
    There has been the odd problem with some of the controlers, but dealers have replaced them.
    No probs after that.
  3. Are they all so fat? I have little hands

    yes...I get it....let it go...hehe...
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  4. My oxfords are 34mm in diameter. Theyre comfortable, the surface is grippy, and the 4 heat levels are very effective.
  5. Thanks Aly.

    I needed a laugh........
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  6. Streetmaster installed my Oxfords, and aside from some problems with the installation on my naked bike, they work well. I believe Street practised some new swear words that day - mostly under his breath, but I couldn't blame him. The space under my seat is practically non-existant.

    I believe it's easier on a faired bike tho.
  7. Oxfords, for sure.

    I don't use them myself but I know a few old/crippled/Victorian guys who swear by them.
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  8. Can't help - sorry.
  9. Check out my Oxfords. They're 'Sports' grips. I think they're a bit smaller in diameter & have a 'diamond' pattern for extra grip.

    Don't believe it.
    Lots of plastic to remove to hide the wiring!!!
  10. Yep, but at least you can't see the zip ties!
  11. Nothing wrong with zip ties! :p
  12. Mine are black anyway, so they're kinda hard to see unless you know about them. I don't notice them any more.
  13. Thanks guys!

    I'll have a look at yours next time I see you Streetmaster
  14. Look at the bottom of the thread where you see similar threads, lots of info there but it seems that oxford grips are the go. Got em on my bee em and love them.
  15. Thank you. :) None of those threads came up when I did my search. Just other random threads.
  16. Did you fit Shirls by any chance? They are a lot thicker in diameter than my current grips.
  17. Bastard... with your 2 seasons, hot and very hot.

    Edit* Three seasons that is, Hot, Very hot and flooding (Jokes)
  18. The benefit feels so minimal since it's not the insides of yer hands that are getting cold to begin with, why does everyone rave them so :c
  19. I would assume your fingers would be one of the first areas to develop symptoms of hypothermia