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Heated grips or Barkbusters?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dsyfer, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    The mornings have turned chilly again (<5degrees), and I have the numb finger situation happenning.

    I use thermal undergloves, but still get frozen fingers.

    I took the XT600 to work the other day which has plastic hand guards and it seemed to make quite the difference with the wind chill, so was thinking of getting some guards for the DL, but then thought for about the same price I could go some heated grips instead.

    Anyone had experience using one or the other, or both together?

    Feedback much appreciated.
  2. I've got both ;). But if I had to choose one option, it would be the grips.
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  3. Barkbusters wont make much of a difference, if any at all.. Heated handgrips will.
  4. They both make a difference....

    On my previous bike, only had heated grips and were fantastic...
    On my current bike, I had both fitted before last winter and found I used the heated grips less with the hand guards..

    So my opinion is to have both if you can....
    Oh and don't listen to those who don't see the need for either...
  5. I haven't used either, but from what I have heard...reducing wind chill is better than warm palms. With heated grips, the inside of your hands get warm, but the outside of your hands can remain cold. By reducing the wind chill, the thermal under gloves keep you warmer...then save up again and buy heated grips and you have the best of both worlds :D.
  6. Cup of cement?

    Seriously though, without having either I suspect that cutting wind will be better than heating grips.
  7. I have heated grips, finger tips still get a chill, I'd get both!! am looking for some bark busters for my bike. Heated grips do work a treat but why not spoil yourself!!
  8. Oh, and one other thing: reducing the wind chill on your arms will keep your hands much warmer (warm blood reaching them).
  9. I haven't used them but a lot of people I know swear by them...

    Hippo Hands
  10. I'd go with the barkbusters first because as well as cutting wind they will save your levers in a drop. Then I'd save up and get the heated grips as well.
  11. I can see a need for one or both, depending on how cold your hands get.

    Personally, heated hand grips just make my hands sweat and uncomfortably warm on any setting above OFF.

    If you're like me than barkbusters (or similar) would probably be sufficient.
  12. Cool, cheers people.

    Will go the Barkbusters first, it won't be long until it's -3 in the mornings, so could end up with both.

    I also think some of it is due to the moisture that builds up on the gloves, combined with the wind chill factor. So guards could help with both aspects.

  13. Agree with this.
    Spent last weekend in the high country, and the grips were used.....often.
  14. You don't generally find such people riding for hours in the dark in winter.

    I rode with just heated grips on a mate's bike through quite cold conditions and found them fantastic. I'm too much of a martyr for good looks to use barkbusters (when you've got it, you've got to show it), but the opinions here repeat what I've heat from many others.

    BTW there are DIY instructions on the web for making brackets that hold muffs out off your levers, such that you could fit muffs instead.
  15. heated hand grips are the go in Melbourne. at the least it means you don't need winter gloves.
  16. Heated grips are a must. Im going to have to start rocking a neckbeard as well.
  17. Heated grips, we had a few chilly mornings last winter (down as low as -8°C) and the grips kept my fingers comfortably warm (I don't have winter specific gloves, just my A* GPplus). If your fingers get really cold and you have the option to get both then I would do that.
  18. I am thinking of Barkbusters on an F700GS but would hope a basic hand guard could be included inside or outside the muff to protect the levers. Has anyone done this?
  19. I have both on the Shiv, best thing I did. You need to get the angle of the bark busters right to get the wind going over your hands which takes a bit of trial and error but once you have it right then they both work very well together.

    Cheers Jem
  20. Barkbusters BBZ might be the go