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heated grips, NOT oxford though...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. wondering what else there is, decent/reputable brands.
    anyone have anything else?

    i remember a mate telling me about some from the US or something, just goes under your grips. more settings etc. that way you've still got the grips you like, not oversized grips.

    just wondering what's out there :)
  2. Why the 'no oxford' position? everyone I know who has them reckons they're the bee's knees.....
  3. i've felt a couple of fat grips before, i prefer my thin/normal ones. just what i hear, they're fatter grips due to the element and stuff.

    i know the oxford exist, i know plenty of people have them, i can easily find info on them. i dont know much about any other brand or type, hence why im asking.

    just dont want a barrage of oxford grip replies, hence i specified. doesnt mean i wont buy em :)
  4. Sure, I respect that, but honestly, mine are no 'fatter' than the stock grips I replaced.

  5. HotGrips?
  6. I am buying these Robin. They are much thinner than the originals.

  7. as again, just going on what i've heard, im yet to see/feel some oxford heated grips in the flesh to be honest. but still the point remains, i know they exist, and plenty of info/reviews is available. im after info on other brands versions of the same product. might simply mean a cheaper purchase if someone comes forward with an unheard of brand that they use. who knows.
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  9. I put Oxford heated grips on a couple of weeks ago (latest version) and they are much fatter than my stock grips but didn't take long to get used to them. I have big hands and I prefer the fatter grips.

    Installed myself no problems and I'm far from a mechanic.
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  11. Or move somewhere where you don't need them!
  12. what and have to ride with an umbrella, or a rudder judging by the rain you get up there sometimes? :p
  13. maybe for ultra crispy hands, the wire elements mounted on the bars, underneath hotgrips which have the element in the rubber? :grin:
  14. Pffft, it only rains a little. Honest....
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  16. I have a pair of Oxford heated grips on my bike and I recently installed a pair of GT Moto heated grips on my scooter. The Oxford are great and I strongly recommend them. The only reason I got a different brand is because I couldn't justify spending on another pair of Oxfords for the scooter and the GT Motos were much cheaper at $60 delivered.

    Once installed, the GT Moto grips are working fine in keeping my hands warm, but on the negative side it wasn't a tight fit to my scooter's handle bar as was the Oxford and the glue that came in the package wasn't strong enough to hold the grips in place, so I had to glue them on with Araldite and now I wonder if they will ever come off when it finally comes the time to replace them. The wires are much thinner than those on the Oxford and I managed to snap the wire of one of the grips during installation (I later managed to fix it), but that was just my delicate touch. Also, it will drain your battery to its last volt in case you forget to turn it off.

    All in all, the Oxford may have costed twice as much but it is definitely worth the extra money.
  17. I looked at this a while ago but never did it
    Not regretting it too much, yet. I tell myself if I never get used to heated grips, I won't become hooked on them :]

    There seem to be mainly 2 brands of those under-grip flat element style
    Dual Star seems to be most predominant:

    Alternatively, I did buy all the ingredients for this DIY solution but haven't been assed installing yet (prob just need a few freezing days to motivate that ...)
    http://faq.f650.com/FAQs/HotGripsInstallationFAQ.htm#Hot Grips Australia
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