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Heated Grips blowing fuse after service

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dbrain, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    A few months ago I had "Oxford Heated Grips" installed on my bike and they were working perfectly. Just had my 20k service by the same mechanics and the heated grips will no longer turn on.

    I thought maybe they had just forgotten to reconnect something, so had a completely non-mechanic look at them, found the fuse was blown on the cord running to the grips.

    I replaced the fuse, turned it on for a second to see the lights came on, turned off, then left for my commute the next morning. Turn on in the morning, grips work for about 1 second then go off again, fuse blown.

    I don't really have time to go back to the mechanic any time soon. I've called them and they know I'm having issues, so I'm sure I can take it to them at a later date and get it sorted, but was hoping to just avoid that all together.

    Are there any common causes of an electronic issue like this that a newbie could handle?

    The bike is a Triumph Street Triple 660 (same~ as a Street Triple 675 2014). The grips are wired directly to the batteries negative and positive terminals, not spliced with headlights/ignition (so they stay on even if bike isn't running), and in theory there's nothing between them and the battery.
    The fuse sits on the wire about 10cm up at a guesstimate.

    I've had a quick glance at the wire running up the bike, and couldn't see anything obvious, but I haven't removed the tank or anything to look properly (not very comfortable with the idea of doing that myself).

    Any suggestions?


    * These are the grips, electronics diagram at the bottom. Pretty basic though.
  2. Went on a quick mission again, Google thinks it might be a pinched wire or something which sounded plausible. Followed it as much as I could. Hit a point in the farings where the guts of it seem to be, but the farings are held closed by a plastic screw.. which looks like it has been torn to shit (never touched it, so must have been the mechanics).
    Decided against making it worse / trying to find a hack way to unscrew it. So I guess it'll just have to go back to service place at some point.
  3. I'd definitely just go back to the mechanic, If it was working when you took it in and now it isn't then they must have done something (accidentally of course).
  4. Thanks for response. Yeah it's the safest bet. I was thinking something like this would be a basic fix that I'd be able to do myself quicker than getting to the mechanic and back, but it's looking like that isn't the case.
    At least not with the torn screw.
  5. Its November, you cant need Heated Grips now, surely?
  6. I leave at 5, some mornings are still chilly, but yeah I never needed them. Just nice to have everything in working order.
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  7. Marred/marked-up screw heads, fixings, fasteners and clips is a red flag of a careless Mech who rushes their work.

    Just sayin'
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  8. Agreed. A bit pissed about that one. Will make sure they replace it when I get the grips fixed.
    I mean it's a plastic screw, so I can imagine it'd be easy to do, but leaving it that way is a bit slack.. especially when it's a pretty important part to access.
  9. I personally would not let someone like that touch my bike.
  10. Yes, I agree, if the mechanic is so ham-fisted/lazy/non-caring (chose whichever fits) to damage the fairing screws, who knows what else they are doing (or not as the case maybe). I'd be cutting my loses with this fellow and be looking for someone who respects your bike.

    As for your fault, by the sounds of things he has pinched the +12v lead with a screw or fairing and it is rubbing on the frame. If you can't trace the wire all the way, the easiest thing is to cut it off at both ends (battery and down near the grips) and splice in a new wire - don't forget to include the fuse.

    Although Oxford say their newest grips have voltage sensors that detect activity of the bikes electronics so when it is at rest it automatically switches off (well practically off), I've never been a believer of the "trust us" philosophy. If I were you I'd find myself someone that knows a little about wiring and get them to install a relay off your tail lights or some other ignition driven source. Winter, heated grips and flat batteries are a pretty common trifecta.
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  11. I've been taking it to the dealer I bought it from, as they're the "triumph approved" guys. But yeah I'm thinking I'll switch it up, just wanted to make sure I was covered by warranty.

    Google agrees with you (pinched wire), so I was trying to track that down, until I hit the buggered faring screw. If it's anywhere it will probably be behind that, as everything around it looks fine.

    I'm not super phased about the turning off when the engine is off thing. It'd be nice, but I always check it when turning the bike off. The only thing I'm really worried about is pedestrians pushing buttons on the bike while I'm at work (parking on footpath in Melbourne CBD).

    Thanks for the tips!
  12. If the +'ve is pinched wouldnt it blow the fuse as soon as it's put in since its a hard positive instead of when then grips are turned on?
  13. Not if the pinch is after the switch.
  14. Wouldn't the cabling from the switch be easily checked since it wouldn't be ran under the tank and such? Could be wrong haven't checked out how heated grips are wired in
  15. Another happy Peter Stevens customer then.........
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  16. udluv2udluv2 It runs from the switch to the right hand faring (with the bodgy screw), from there it runs behind the frame up to the battery. So I've checked from the switch, to the faring, and from the faring to the battery. It's just the faring part I don't have high visibility of, and the most likely place for things to be messed up (a lot of various wiring going on there).

    BitSarBitSar Yeah.. I like the service desk guys, and know someone who works there. They put a lot of time into a warranty issue I had without complaining. But yeah, stuff like this makes me worry about the quality of other stuff, and their labor costs are a lot more than other places. Might get this fixed by them and then move the services to a different mechanic.