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Heated Gloves questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by KumuduG, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys. Let me explain my dilemma. I ride all year round and during the heavy winter times the gloves I use provides me with just enough protection from cold [ Or that's what I used to think ] I use liners and goves and in very cold days I have had numb hands after rides. [only some days.]. As I found out recently it's not very good for my nerve endings bla bla. Anyway I'm thinking of going for a pair of heated gloves. So my questions are

    1) At the moment I'm leaning towards heated gloves instead of heated grips. Is this a good idea or should I just go for heated grips?

    2) What products you use?

    3) Since summer is on its way will I be able to find any clearance items on sale? Do you know of any place I should keep an eye out for?

    4) I couldn't find any decent products in shops. All the stuff I see are on-line. Any place I should be shopping at? [I'm in Mel by the way ]

    Any light you guys can shed on this matter is appreciated.
  2. Heated grips would be a better, more cost-effective solution. This couipled with a good set of winter/waterproof gloves will work a treat.

    I don't have heated grips (yet) but rode every day this year.
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  3. I use -30C Ski gloves, I also use the same gloves to ski in, One pair I bought from the last Aldi sale, $13-00 work very well.
    My others came from china online, $15-00 Delivered, also work great,
    They are designed for skiing on ice so are very tough if you fall off your bike, Which I have,
    I ride year round, These are wind and rain proof, They do get a smell up after being wet, But I just chuck them in the wash with my clothes,
    That gets rid of the musty smell,
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  4. I've got a couple pair of good winter gloves, but I was doing a run from Canberra to Bathurst a couple of years ago, it started snowing at Blaney and my hands were starting to feel it. I had a set of fluro yellow & green Aldi snow gloves I keep in the pannier just in case I get my normal gloves wet, I put these on and they were much better than my winter riding gloves. And I think they were the same $13 specials mentioned by DM. So if it's only occasionally you need the extra warmth and can take the ribbing from your fellow riders it's a pretty cheap investment, just remember there's no armor on them.

    I also ride with one of those thin silky type (Aldi) bike balaclavas, this also helps in winter, but surprisingly is not noticeable in summer - best way to keep my earmold speakers from being yanked out when I put my helmet on.
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  5. I've got these Barkbusters Blizzard Universal Handguards with heated grips. Damn ugly, but boy do they do a great job.

    I also have heated gloves, but haven't used them yet. Mine connect to the bike battery via a harness worn inside my jacket, but you can get rechargeable battery ones too.
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