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heated glove liners, battery operated?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Dzyan, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    I'm wondering if there is much out there in the way of battery operated heated glove liners. I've got a pair of Cortech Scarab gloves but after 1/2 an hour on the road with an apparent temp of -4.9 my fingers were so cold they hurt. Even had a thermal liner glove inside (from a camping closeout)

    I've seen venture glove liners that are battery operated and they go for around 180 on ebay. Is there any other brand I should look for? I specifically want battery because my poor little postie is having a hard enough time running the light, let alone a 12v heating system.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Forget the liner - get yourself a pair of Gerbing's T-5 Hybrid Heated Gloves, they can run off a battery or be hard wired to the bikes battery, also compatible with all the other Gerbing's gear.

    However... it's not cheap
  3. I'm chasing something battery operated, my stator can't handle the draw of the headlight and I'm having to step it down to a 6V headlight, so I doubt it could handle the draw of heated system
  4. I rode to work this morning in Canberra and it was minus 5.2. I was wearing a pair of Gerbing T05 hybrid heated gloves and the only time I realised how cold it was , was when I had to open the visor at traffic lights so it didn't fog up completely. I've got the wires hooked up to the bike's battery and I've got the separate battery packs as well. They're not cheap ($430 delivered, $143 postage from US) but they work a treat.
  5. I didn't realise they came with a battery pack.

    almost 500 bucks is out of my price range, I've got to scrimp and save and sell my other toys to get the 200 needed for the ventures. One day I'll get some of those, maybe when I have a bigger bike and it doesn't represent 30% of my bikes purchase price
  6. Tried a pinlock or stick on visor insert? $30 online and well worth it.
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    an option might be handlebar muffs (eg hippo hands) or some hand guards to keep the wind off. its probably wind chill that's getting you.


    ps apparently the diy option is 2l plastic milk cartons cut to size.
  8. If anyone does want to go the connected option, I just bought some Gerbing's G3 heated gloves and they're amazing! Top quality. That's why I chose them. Only thing is they're too big for me! :(
    So I'd like to find them a good home locally rather than returning them all the way back to the US.
    Size 2XS. (7 inches around your knuckles at base of fingers excluding thumb)
    Message me if you're interested. :)
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  10. Interesting Jem. Wonder how long the battery would last? Am considering a wired set myself, but $430 is a bit exxy right now.
  11. Hi, No idea sorry, drop Alex a line he should be able to give you an idea or find out for you. 1300 667 214

    Alex FYI
  12. Yeah, I wanna know about the RS Taichi ones too :)
  13. I'll be sending them an email shortly I think