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Heated clothing - which brand?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GunSlingerAU, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    I've recently moved to Melbourne, and the cold weather is killing me. I've got winter gear, but still freeze my butt off on my new Victory Hammer. I'm hoping to do a 7 day tour of Tassie in the near future, so really want to get some heated clothing in the near future.

    I'm not sure which brand to go for though. The gear needs to fulfill the following:

    1.) Should be powered by the bike, either a 12V plug or powerlet outlet. No batteries if possible.
    2.) It needs to go under my existing gear, which is already relatively snug, so I don't want anything bulky. I'm short at 5'7", and quite skinny, at 74kg. Therefore I need stuff in small sizes - can I try this gear on first?
    3.) I'd like to keep warm, so do I need to go the whole hog and get vest, gloves, pants and socks? Or will a combination of fewer pieces do the job?
    4.) Is it possible to have different temp controls for each piece of clothing?
    5.) Can my Victory Hammer handle so much gear? I already have a PowerLet outlet on the handlebars for my smartphone, which I use as a GPS.

    Any advice would be awesome, thanks guys.

  2. Looked into this recently (still yet to buy)

    1. yes - reasonable amount of 12V kit available.
    2. Look into liners - Everybody seems to say they need to hug your body (many have elasticated stretch panels) so that you feel the heat rather than it being blown away.
    3. Don't think so. Start with a little and see how you feel. gloves + jacket liner was what I was planning
    4. Yes. I've only seen up to a dual temperature controller though. (think one heat setting for gloves, one for liner + pants.)
    5. dunno. Check the wattages and compare against your electrical system. Big cruisers I imagine have a fairly decent electrical output.

    I don't know where in Melbourne (if at all) you can try this stuff on. I was looking on the interwebs. surely there is a sizing chart, or forum posts from users, or get in touch with the manufacturer (warm n safe get a good rep on customer service)

    as far as brands: Tourmaster (search tourmaster synergy 2.0) include heat controllers with (I thnk) all their products which make them better value. Also check out Warm n Safe - couldn't find anybody saying anything bad about what they have. There is also Gerbin, which seems to be more expensive.

    If you're ordering from the states, it'd probably be worthwhile to check postage times so your warm kit isn't in transit while you're in tassie.
  3. I bought heated gloves last week from local company in melbourne powered by bike they have a complete range of heated stuff.
    Was just dropping in to write abit of a review on the gloves cause I think they are great
    12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves - NEW
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  4. Awesome info, thanks guys. I'll ping each of the companies mentioned to see if I can find a local retailer where I can try the gear on.
  5. I find it very strange given I'm located in melbourne is the middle off winter I went around to allot of bike shops not one of them stocks heated gloves or any heated product for that matter half of them claim there isn't a market and suggested heated grips the other half claim it costs them too much to stock something they hardly will sell
  6. I feel your pain. Tonight I rode from Daylesford to Bendigo and it was so intense. I think it was 7° with hail in my face, in the dark worrying about kangaroos and black ice.
    I had 4 t shirts on and 3 hoodies. Hopefully buying a proper jacket tomorrow although it probably won't help much. The only heated clothing I read about was on here and was a Bosch jacket. Sounded really good but I just don't have the money to buy everything I want. Good thread though
  7. Sorry, you did ask for *any* advice. I suggest you move back to Surry Hills ;)
  8. Lol Brmmm, how did you know I spent a large chunk of my Sydney time in Surry Hills?! So wanting to be warm and comfy whilst riding makes me a typical Surry Hills resident? ;)

    I've just ordered pants, jacket, sock and glove liners from Home page - will check back in with a full status report once the gear arrives. I've also ordered a PowerLet adaptor for my Hammer, which is apparently identical to the BMW plug, so fingers crossed it all works.
  9. Hey guys

    I can report that Warm and Safe Australia's customer support is incredible. I ordered the wrong size jacket, while the glove liners were too big to go under my existing winter gloves. I had a new jacket and gloves within 3 days of returning the original kit. Will be doing a full day ride tomorrow in the gear, so will report back on how warm I am, but so far the quality looks fantastic, really well made gear.
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  10. Thats good to hear was looking at their site the other night how fitted are the jackets
    I am thinking of getting pants and top heated at some stage but my issue is both my jacket and pants I wear for riding is kind of tightly fitted and most heated jackets I have seen seem kind of loose fitting
  11. Hey guys, I did a 5 hour ride with the gear on Saturday, and it was about 9C to 10C outdoors, cold enough that I normally wouldn't ride in that weather. Firstly, make sure you buy the gear it so it's a snug fit, as that's how you'll get the best warmth. It all fits nicely under my existing gear. Secondly, you're still gonna need Winter clothes over the top. I rode with a Dainese Winter jacket but with Draggin Jeans. The jeans aren't windproof, so my legs didn't get super warm. Having said that, they were a hell of a lot warmer than normal. Everything else was beautifully warm at a temp setting of about 50%, anything higher and I was melting. Of the 46 riders who went on the ride (It was the Melbourne Motorcycle Riders Meetup Monthly ride), I'm pretty sure I was the only one who wasn't freezing at every rest stop.

    I've just bought some proper winter pants, so will be testing htem out with the heated liner at this Saturday's Victory Melbourne Monthly ride. But from what I've seen, this gear was worth every penny - it's going to make riding in the cold a joy. The quality of the gear as well as the service offered is simply impeccable. Two thumbs up.
  12. I rode in bullit jeans same as draggin jeans but have wind proof thermals underneath matched worth kevlar jeans I find that to keep my legs good even at highway speeds
    Thanks for the review think a heated jacket may be next on my list