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Heat resistant Chrome paint

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Enrgkid, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for a heat resistant chrome paint for my exhaust they are looking a bit worse for wear so chrome paint seems to be the way to go, only I was thinking I'll need heat resistant paint.

    Also is there anyone who could give me some tips on prep for the surface of my exhaust?

    I really would love a Carbon fiber look vinyl wrap but I don't think that would survive the heat of my exhaust.
  2. no such thing as chrome paint .
  3. Well something that will bring some of the shine back
  4. steel wool might help ,
  5. tried that. it can only do so much
  6. you can get chrome in a rattle can but its nothing like the dip.

    iam not sure it will be heat resistant, just get ya pipes re dipped
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  7. Any Idea how much it would cost for re dip? I have heard of heat resistant rattle cans but the only colour I can get is aluminium
  8. It's a 1999 bike; it might be cheaper to see if you can source a newer-looking set of pipes from a wrecker.....
  9. Ive looked into that aswell, they look a bit newer but none of them are perfect a few have holes, serious rust. I think I might put a new slip on. I found a Musari exhaust for it. maybe ill do that

  10. A lot of chrome platers don't like doing used exhausts because they contaminate their baths. How about a ceramic coating from Jet-Hot?

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  11. Do I need to send my pipes away for that?? If so it's not really an option as the motorbike is my only transport.
  12. Yes you have to send them in and takes them a day or so. I was told a 4 day turn around with them organizing freight to and from their shop for my car extractors. Have only heard good things from them, however to be honest, not worth it for the ZZR250.

    Maybe use sand paper of different grades, then autosol to bring out the shine. Don't use steel wool, it can induce rusting due to small steel particles trapping themselves in crevices.
  13. Sand paper eh? I havent thought of that.
  14. what happens to regular paint???

    i have to repaint over some rust
  15. the man asked about painting an exhaust, so lets hear about painting an exhaust, not buying a new one etc.
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  16. Regular paint on the exhaust from my research would flake and fall apart rather quickly